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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's about time to share pictures of the front of the house.

Hi, I am home, come on I'll show you the garden.

The bird says....

"Good grief ! Get that bath together already, I need a bath!"

This my northern or left side of my north western side of my house. What you see up close are my lavender phlox, snow on the mountain or is it snow in the summer. Several variegated Hostas, lots of ferns, a potted coral Begonia, and some dwarf dull pale yellow Iris, which haven't bloomed yet. The extras that you can't see are the wild violets purple and white, and Dead nettle up by the bird bath.
My phlox you see has taken the path instead of it's usual drapeing over the rock. i definately have work to do on that path. it is a little weedy.

Front View

As you see in the old 1940's built cape cod there is the a border on the left side and the right side border. Most of the annuals in pots were gifts this year for birthday and mothers day. Painting on some of the house was done last year in the fall. Perhaps again this year. The walk was suppose to continue left to right all the way and then a little path around the south side of the house.

Remind me to scatter more pink like that at the left side of this photo to more of this little area. Actually the hidden creeping phlox is suppose to repeat that color from left to right. So now what. I thought the Iceberg rose had hints of pink.
I know that is Bishop Weed. But I like it. However, I have to much of everything there. I need help making up my mind, of what to delete from there.
Up until Sunday I had yellowish creeping Jenny there in front of the rocks, but I used them in an arrangement.

See here is the undefined cl Iceberg rose. It doesn't show the pretty blush. I kind of wanted pink and purple here. But I haven't enough of the blooming perennials, to be that after all. I really have been trying hard to get larkspur to grow here. If I could afford it, I would love fox gloves and oriental lilies as well.
Notice: the variegation on the Dames rockets. Many years of seeding has made them unique.
I do love the pale look of silver, white and pastels. I suppose it is a bit much against the house. It is cottage, though all the way.

It is suppose to be a mixture of many Hostas on right and left side. I am going to have to make my creeping phlox more visible. where marked by x in photo above. I believe I will have to remove some more plants to give my creeping hosta room. Sometimes I wonder how Snow in the Summer plant would do over here. Perhaps it would be washed out by Bishop weed. Or Gout Weed.

Growing in front all along those rocks are the two colors lavender and Rose creeping phlox.

In several weeks time, on this side of the steps, the plant along the house siding will bloom light pink with a lavender tinge.

Note: I cut back that Yew last week cause of all the rusty color through out the tree. Last year I had a tippy pot there by the steps. I am not sure what to do with that pipe on the right side of the steps. I had hoped to put a pot over it or some ornament.

I am open for suggestions on any of these garden beds!

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