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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New posts may be a little slower at Sunnyside

Sunny side is not nearly as sunny as it should be at the moment. I will have to take a little time from posting to sort through a few things.

You know how one can just get themselves out of order for various reasons. Then something happens to take them to a new place. It makes them step back and look at the path that they have been following all this time. It makes them question whether they should keep going along that same path or blaze through to another route.

I am not thinking about quitting blogging, but at the moment it won't be as often as it has been at this site.

I have some genealogy work to publish. Even that for a short amount of time won't be as much or often as I might want.

I am not planning on going away from blogging at all, cause I do really enjoy it.
I just really have to accomplish some other things with the family and around the house. I hope to be able to pick up a few more hours at work. In order to do that I may need to learn a few new parts of other positions so I can fill in with out their discomfort in my doing so. I feel like I have been neglecting what is important to me in my daily life. Perhaps I have been a bit selfish in my pursuits of self expression. I can resolve that, of course!

So with that said I know you will understand why I am not posting so many new posts.

It's kind of like my garden at the moment.

So many of my flowers have finished blooming. The roses are blooming soon to be finished. Just as the clematis, and Irises and my bushes have finished. The garden is few in blooms at this time. It maybe more time lapsing before the next ones show themselves. Kind of like my posting for a bit.

It's time to harvest some vegetables from the garden. And spend a little time cooking with them. Projects to attend to as well.

I suppose some of it will draw me here now and then.

I surely will have lots of ideas in my head that I'd like to share here as time goes on. My camera will be handy and taking pictures too.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rose Chafer season is here. They're back.

Those disgusting creatures of god are back again. I bet your thinking all of gods creatures are good. I suppose so. Maybe reincarnation of a bad person?
Any way, they are not good for birds. The little bugs have something in them that is poison to birds. They will be around for three weeks or so.

The plans of action are:
- trying to control the grubs in your sandy soil where they lay their eggs many times. But know that they can fly in from anywhere.
- cover your roses or peonies, daisies and other flowers with a cloth like cheese cloth.
- pick the bugs off or shake them into dish soap water, gas.
- vacuum them off your plants, if the flower can withstand the suction.

Here is more information at the Jerry Baker site.

I read that the bugs are attracted to fragrant roses, peonies, and some others. If deprived of flower they will sit on any plant with mates immediately and reproduce. I know daisies do not have that scent like the other flowers but they seem to prefer those, as well as raspberries and mo. Primroses.

I know it is enough of a hassle for many Gardner's to give up on roses. You can't escape them. They come back. Seven's dust is good too, I read.

Good luck. Now you know I will be busy in battle for the next few weeks..

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Russian Lilacs in the neighborhood

More Dames rockets across the street to my right.

Across the street and down the road by the park to my left.
After these are done, there is another mass bloom of white.

I guess other people love the heavenly scent and the mass of color in their gardens.
My neighbor back home had some dark purple ones in her grove in mass. It was my love at first site. Then I saw mom had them and so I brought a few back to sunnyside. The neighbor called them Russian Lilac. And some people call them Weeds. teehee.

A day in the life of Ramona - A morning in the life of Jo in the garden

~~ A Morning in the daily life of Jo and her garden~~

Good morning, come on in I am home. I kind of want to relate and share this little story today.

A couple of days ago something like a memorable serendipity moment
happened as I took my walk around the property to see what I could: about what was blooming, for changes of growth, for new emerging seeds, make mental notes for what I need to see about.

As I passed the Clematis a tiny bird flew out as I walked over to chuck out the extra water out of my seeds.
Then I walked down to the rock garden area. I noted that the peony had opened up in the rock garden and the others were still in bud.

I proceeded down to the plants in pots, which I had done up for a fund raiser. There I particularly took note of and my little patches of moss growth. Sure they were doing fine.

I meandered to the weedy patch of the Siberian Iris.

I pulled a couple of weeds noting they pulled hard. I made a mental note to amend the soil, when I have a chance. At a close distance, I noticed a new hot pink bloom of the toad lily which was surrounded in weeds. I made another mental note to weed there soon. I really was anxious to see how everything was doing with all the rain we had. So, I particularly wanted to see the climbing peas. They were doing fantastic. And as I walked along at the exterior of the garden I did see the dames rockets at the edge accompanied by the yarrow nearly ready to show it's inner beauty. . .I glanced over at my 'make do' temporary spot for more peas and they were fine.
I again inspected the leaves of a unknown vine. I went back out the way I went in and continued down to the Rosemary Verey wannabe spot. On the way I noticed a white iris bloom just below the Indigofera. I really thought that this is a good Sunny spot for the Irises. As long as weeds don't creep in too much from the lawn. And then at the Rosemary Verey wannabe spot I right away checked to see if the cucumbers had emerged at all. Not yet. But surely it will be soon.
My eyes took in the new plants in the corner, and stooped down to pick a fresh crop of lettuce. Oh, a good handful of the more mature larger pieces. As I came back up and turned; I then took in the neighbor's children's voices and actions.

It is amazing to me how tiny these two tots seem to me these days in comparison to my own. Were they ever that tiny at age two something or three. They were small mind you, but these seem so tiny in frame. Anywaaay, they were peering down this little chicken wire hand made cage to the foot tall tree below. I don't remember exactly, if I noted exactly what they said. But it was as if they themselves were making sure it was okay, checking to see if it had grown, voicing opinions making judgements on it's growth. The father standing there asked clearly and loudly if everything was okay? They made comments that seemed to say it was fine and off they ran to play and spend the rest of the morning in their usual way.

I was thinking then of how positively wise and thoughtful those parents were to involve the children in that planting of the little tree. I have not yet glanced fully enough to see what it could be. My best guess with out even looking is that it is a lilac bush sucker from their tree. i say that because they loved picking the flowers earlier, when their bigger bush had been in bloom. Or it could be an apple or one of the other trees which has been declining. Mostly I was thinking about those possible future Gardeners in the walk back, so much so that I failed to check or note anything else on my way back to the house.

I was musing over the Irony or humor in the similarity of those youngsters and myself. We each had checked our little gardens. Theirs very tiny as themselves, but all the same procedure and interest as myself. And I knew I was also going in to spend my morning as I usually did maybe in play on the computer, and attending to normal tasks about the house and the rest of the day. Just as they did. I felt contentment in that little pleasure of the discovery.

And then today I was reminded of today's featured blog I had discovered a few days back. I had intended to share this and why not the two together. I really love it when things match up!. Her words here seem to reflect my thoughts about my feelings of Serendipity that day.

So now you can go off and check out the rest of her blog. Thanks for stopping by.

A Day in the Life of Ramona: "Thursday, May 21, 2009
Serendipity In The Garden On A Thursday Afternoon


~ the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate,

especially while looking for something else entirely ~


Guess what I discovered while weeding in our yard today...weeding wasn't the boring chore I thought it would be...instead I felt completely grateful for a garden full of goodies. I guess you could say ~ I had a serendipitous afternoon in the garden...cha"

Well thanks for stopping by and do come again.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where should I plant or Place this Pink Potted Petunia.

Pink, Pink, and more Pink. Can too much Pink be a problem?
At our cottage yesterday, I received a couple gifts for our Wedding anniversary. One of them was this pot of petunias in this gorgeous almost bubble gum color. It is pretty close to the same color of that potted geranium that he gave me for Mothers day...

It has taken him many years to understand that Pink is wonderful and works with me. Red not so much. You know how they are brainwashed that they're suppose to give red roses to a woman.

I have only one little problem with these flowers... is where do I put my potted pink petunia. What place is the perfect spot. Everything needs a perfect spot. I seem to be having such problems making decisions about my garden spots these days.

So yesterday, I went around here and there amongst the borders to find the most perfect spot.

This one came to mind, cause it was so enhanced with the coral pink flowers in that pot. [Which I really must pot up today, if I can.] The pink colors are very different. I really do like the snow in the summer [cerastium tomentosum] near it. After I feed it maybe manure tea, it should fill out much more. I could remove the other Pink flower too, to see if that makes a difference worse or better. but I think this is the best spot for a potted coral Pink Begonia.

Note: Most of these pics are clickable for enlargement.

My next logical choice was the white bridal wreath border where there is now a decline in the blooming of the bleeding heart. I like it fine here. The white enhances this pretty well! but as I gave it a wetting down where the lilies are trying to grow, I noticed the blooming of this bush is nearly over. After a good rain or a wild wind the bush will be done. Later the tall phlox come into bloom as a light pink. The Potted Pink petunias do blend well with the Dames rocket in flower and the little chives plants. Soon the Dark purple Siberian Iris by the mail box will be in bloom.

The Peonies will soon be blooming light pink. Perhaps there may be a conflict of Pinks. For the time being it would work just fine. ???

I walked down my little hill to the back yard to my hand made rock garden oasis. Just tilt your head and see how this blends in quite well. I know I know, the church is not placed very well. This was a beginning of a fairy land awhile back. but now not so much. I can tell you why later.

Everything is so lush again this season, and the ferns have been moving here as well. And so has that Indigo tree! I have a lot of work to do here yet to get the bed in shape. I have to cull the plants still. Fertilize regularly.

Again for now this would be a great spot. There are foxgloves to bloom, along with the Annabelle Hydrangea. I have already moved the many types of Salvia with it's purple spikes.

There probably would be a conflict again with pinks.

Peonies again will be in bloom top and bottom of the rock garden very soon. Also the lavender pink roses will be blooming soon by the trellis. Up there in that jungle the Monarda will come out a pretty medium pink too.

Yes, I am walking that pot of pink too on the strawberry pot. Last year it contained the most beautiful pale pink lily. There is a gorgeous Hardy geranium in another blend of pink behind these Hostas. Again we find the wonderful scented light pink Lavender rose in the corner soon to pop a bloom. The Iris has finished it's lavender and maroon bloom. Later the obedient plant will bloom. It has been traveling pretty well in that corner. I see it needs a little weeding as well. I have always liked a little pop of dark pink here as well. [ but I am cutting costs now] Around this corner by the door that we saw in the above photo is the reverted phlox hopefully it will be in full flower in that reverted magenta color.

Do I like it here. Honestly, anything goes well with the Hostas. Later it will be in conflict with the pink roses, I think. Also, I see no spot to really have it in a pot.

Here in the little cottage border it's a mix of a lot of tints and hues.I moved the Geranium over here instead of the Potted Petunia. Just to look.

You can see why I want a punch of bright Pink or a blend of Purples with white. Again the light pale lavender Pink roses will be in bloom soon. They are everywhere, aren't they? But soon the Hesperis Matronalis will be done, and trimmed. I still haven't put out my bright purple big goofy bird. It could be too much.

Ahh now the pond rockery again and the pot petunia has landed on the half rustic barrel. Once, My aim here was for a french market type setting. French blues predominate. That has laxed . No time yet to take that up. Instead we have the magenta taking over while in flower. If one views from straight with the tree head on; the Petunias flowers in the pot mingle with the flowers of the tree.

But I do like it there against the old gray garage, which may be gone by next year.[ That's a Hint of a problem upcoming for another blog, is it not? lol] [The Garage is falling down] More of the porch as well as the rest of the house needs a good painting. we were going to do siding, but well you know how that goes.
I was trying to photo another angle. [Please ignore our desperate for help windows on the porch.] Maybe, If I did not accidentally weed them out, my single daisies will come up. Also here should be some flowers in blue in July.

Should I mention that crawling along the rocks at the right are some more of the same rose. that kind of reminds me of Ninfa. I have been contemplating planting some clematis to lend a little bloom to sprawl there instead of that forever moving Virginia creeper. Wisteria somewhere?

High up by the garage is the perfect spot where I often indulge a few Morning glories. Possibilities for clematis, if I got the right color. I would love sweet peas, but maybe another year.

I am not sure about here. There is a lot going on with the Irises right now.

Amongst the rockery which is more rustic natural looking, I am not sure about a potted Petunia. Though the color enhances quite a bit. It helps balance the tree. The color should be in threes, I think?

Speaking of french and unnatural looking, my little boy fountain that you have seen in front of the house goes up at the top of the rock garden by the door in the fore front of the Indgo tree.

*Note : Once I remove the potted plant, I realize suddenly the places seen not so much that great. Once again I know that I need to spread my plants around to balance colors. Maybe do a little browsing and searching to maybe find perennials in this pink color that can bloom, when I need them too in the perfect spot.

What do you think.? Which location should I choose.

It sits here now. Did you choose that one?

The right corner of here has crossed my mind as well. I will have to see where I could move the pot that is already there in that corner. In the mean time the watering can geraniums get to stay.

Did you notice that I stayed away from the woods and the Rosemary Verey garden spot wannabe?.

Well thanks for listening and 'the walk around' with me. I think now I am almost ready to get the purple bird out and set him up.
just me jo.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's about time to share pictures of the front of the house.

Hi, I am home, come on I'll show you the garden.

The bird says....

"Good grief ! Get that bath together already, I need a bath!"

This my northern or left side of my north western side of my house. What you see up close are my lavender phlox, snow on the mountain or is it snow in the summer. Several variegated Hostas, lots of ferns, a potted coral Begonia, and some dwarf dull pale yellow Iris, which haven't bloomed yet. The extras that you can't see are the wild violets purple and white, and Dead nettle up by the bird bath.
My phlox you see has taken the path instead of it's usual drapeing over the rock. i definately have work to do on that path. it is a little weedy.

Front View

As you see in the old 1940's built cape cod there is the a border on the left side and the right side border. Most of the annuals in pots were gifts this year for birthday and mothers day. Painting on some of the house was done last year in the fall. Perhaps again this year. The walk was suppose to continue left to right all the way and then a little path around the south side of the house.

Remind me to scatter more pink like that at the left side of this photo to more of this little area. Actually the hidden creeping phlox is suppose to repeat that color from left to right. So now what. I thought the Iceberg rose had hints of pink.
I know that is Bishop Weed. But I like it. However, I have to much of everything there. I need help making up my mind, of what to delete from there.
Up until Sunday I had yellowish creeping Jenny there in front of the rocks, but I used them in an arrangement.

See here is the undefined cl Iceberg rose. It doesn't show the pretty blush. I kind of wanted pink and purple here. But I haven't enough of the blooming perennials, to be that after all. I really have been trying hard to get larkspur to grow here. If I could afford it, I would love fox gloves and oriental lilies as well.
Notice: the variegation on the Dames rockets. Many years of seeding has made them unique.
I do love the pale look of silver, white and pastels. I suppose it is a bit much against the house. It is cottage, though all the way.

It is suppose to be a mixture of many Hostas on right and left side. I am going to have to make my creeping phlox more visible. where marked by x in photo above. I believe I will have to remove some more plants to give my creeping hosta room. Sometimes I wonder how Snow in the Summer plant would do over here. Perhaps it would be washed out by Bishop weed. Or Gout Weed.

Growing in front all along those rocks are the two colors lavender and Rose creeping phlox.

In several weeks time, on this side of the steps, the plant along the house siding will bloom light pink with a lavender tinge.

Note: I cut back that Yew last week cause of all the rusty color through out the tree. Last year I had a tippy pot there by the steps. I am not sure what to do with that pipe on the right side of the steps. I had hoped to put a pot over it or some ornament.

I am open for suggestions on any of these garden beds!