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Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Madness - A Never Ending Blog Post Nightmare

Have you heard of the old never ending song, the never ending story?
How about never ending blog post?.
The thought of a never ending link is kind of funny, right?
No. Not in the day light of reality.

Gosh, I just have to share this.
I have been daydreaming of suddenly being a short post blogger. And I have been a night dreamer of the same goal.
I bring my day problems into my night dreams, don't you?

Well recently, I had this dream where I went and took my long blogs and created read more links. I had the main blog on with 'read more here'. That took me to another link which said read on more here, which took me to still another one. And so it went on still with about two more links. Yes, a night mare of something like an April fools prank. Maybe my dream was trying to tell me my blogs get a little long. I feel I have things to say and it has to be said, or I get no nourishment from the blogging. My dream is telling me I am working on solving my issues, but I am still lost in the fog.........

The thought of a never ending link is kind of funny, right? But in reality maybe for the reader it would be long and boring. It would have to be one great blog to keep me clicking on forever.

Yet, when I go to a new blog, I scroll all the way through. If they are short, I read each one and keep clicking older, and older, until I get the craving to visit yet another blog and leave that one for another. On my designated day of sunday reading, I will be visiting some of the blogs that I am following. I find that when I do, I can catch up easily with a number of them. Especially if they are in a cluster on a page.

I have noticed three styles.
-Page - The very short blog with a link to the longer version. Nothing else on the page.
-Page - A medium length post of satisfactory length and no clicks to read more. But on the whole page is about five or six days worth. For another page of reading one can just click older. or go to the archives.\
-Page - A collection of very very short posts with each one giving directions to read more. Again one can explore older work by archives or clicking older if it is provided.
-Page -A collection of postings of long and all sizes. But many longs.

Solving the issue.

On my blog posts, I can cut the repeat an develop my thoughts, but bits of reactions and thoughts still need to have to be said. Points taken.. After all this is where anyone should be able to pick up and take off with the search if they know the points about what has been done before. And in return maybe I will get other relatives will read my thoughts ideas and questions and maybe will give me some pointers or ideas through comments..

I will need to analyze and go with the main thought and possibly as I like to do with the second point. Data is the most important part. I can keep it slightly personal. For further reading click here.


  1. The thought of a never ending link is intriguing. I actually like to be able to read the whole post on one page, although links to past posts which were on the same subject or to outside sites with additional information work well for me. But I like stand alone posts which come up when I open the page and if there is additional information linked it's supplemental in case it's a subject I want to explore further. I think everyone has a different way that works well for them.

  2. Ido too. I haven't too much against a ong one either as long as I find it is interesting. and I do like the picture of supplemental interest also at the bottom. And if the right Kind of blog If it is informational I don't mind those really tiney wide ones which send you off to another space. Because well you get to select which blog you want to read. Kind of like choosing which path in the garden you want to take today. We like choices.

    If it's just the right size and i have to move I have to refresh myself as to what I was reading and find my place.........not always so good. And you might lose them on the way.

    My big question.
    I wonder though where they store those pages that they send you too. If you went to that blog address would you see the whole thing there too like a blog or is it fixed somehow so it doesn't show up. Or is it some pages on the same blog which you only see that way? I really have to learn more about linking, and have not found the tutorial just yet.