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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Am Playing Around. ........... with Street view maps

I am set with German search at google! Now I can really cruise. I changed my google search settings last night. I had noticed it said English only. I thought how did it get to that. I never want English only. But this morning, I noticed that when I googled map street view, google was .de. The nice part is it mentioned Germany and street view. Maybe not all over, when I translate it, I will let you know.

It rained last night. I hope it didn't freeze. I sure hope my car doors are not frozen shut. I have a big project planned for today that requires a little cruising to get' it' for you.

Yes, I am playing with street view again I have had this intention of sharing a particular view off from stout road or Highway 29, just as it enters close to Crescent and Main street. near sixth street. Now the object is not there. So that means the filming was done a couple of years ago.,+Menomonie,+WI+54751&sll=45.527517,-91.485901&sspn=0.515676,1.123352&gl=us&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Stout+Rd,+Menomonie,+Dunn,+Wisconsin+54751&ll=44.877483,-91.920623&spn=0.001019,0.002194&t=h&z=18&layer=c&cbll=44.877524,-91.920523&panoid=S2_bBP6cOKtKgjVkJ8cXGw&cbp=12,345.78,,1,2.92
It was a bit tough to get the little guy on the highway. And it works. Yup. A view of a tree

View Larger Map

Keep your eyes on that tree. Okay I'll let you know when to look somewhere else.

Okay! Now! Look below!
I managed to find this photo. I found it at My Menomonie at face book. I hope to get my tag accepted.

These photos are from Terese Wentworth who had contributed them to the website My Menomonie. I was searching for a photo to be in the newspaper and then this picture more or less fell right into my lap. I asked and she consented to let me use them. I thanked her and hope she knows how much I appreciate having it here.

I just have to learn how to save the map and make that street view like a photo. If any of you readers knows how, you can pass the information to me. Maybe then the page would load a little faster for you that way.
Anyway, thanks for joining me as I played around with the map feature of google street views.

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