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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Decisions And The EAsy Way

Were choices being chosen to make oneself unique, different, oneself.To make it easier, for Rebellion, I can't decide.

I am trying to make a decision about which tree to use for a symbol of my family tree. In doing so I had begun to explain a little about my ways of choice in many matters.
But I tend to copy and emulate others, and probably would be doing so without any controversy at all in my choice. I could play it safe, which I have always tried to do in my life except for a few reckless abandoning moments in my life. It wasn't exactly rebel moments or were they.

By playing it safe I may mean taking the easy road in life. Which did or did not actually make life in those moments easier. And later moments.

And is that maybe some kind of
rebelness of the normal. way?

Examples of the easy path I have taken.[ Some with regret, I guess.]

I got married rather than remain single.

I spoiled my children in some ways, rather than not.

When I travel to family in Minnesota, I rarely take the same way twice. And I stop a lot on the way to and back. Enjoying the trip as I go.

When driving through out my town, unless I have an ulterior motives about the route such as it running by my favorite garden, or my favorite food stop ; I rarely take left turns.

I rarely go to the north end of the city until I have to do so. And the path I have to take is so restricted to two set ways that leaves me little choice in which road to take or how.

I once took the back roads all the way to the Mall of America. Yes and it was not easy crossing the Mississippi. There are only so many ways in which I can cross from my area of Wi going to that area of Mn.
a- Red wing area

b- Hastings area
c-Hudson area and further north and further south crossings such a by Lacrosse and Winona or Wabasha. Looking back, I remember I think I figured I would cross other than the Hudson route and from there the back roads began after I crossed. -Merely got by in some things, rather than challenge myself more often to do a bit more.


I must say that that back roads trip to the Mall of America served me well enough. I discovered places I was not aware of and would not have, if I had not done that. The Mormon church of the Golden suburb of Minnesota.


The rebel in me
. [ Again not always the easier outcome]
By playing it safe I may mean taking the easy road in life. Which did or did not actually make life in those moments easier. And is that maybe some kind of rebelness of the normal way?

It emerges in my showing the in- laws and partner that my families ways were not so bad. That particularly may not have been in my best interest in the long run.

A good deal of my
life's decisions.
I planned and had a rainbow wedding, which was not that sophisticated.

I stuck up for some one considered the underdog.

I went to college.

I have other ones too numerous to mention. One I suppose is that I don't have favorite color but combination of colors. One has to depend on something else in order to qualify. Black and white and pink or blue and white. with another color.

Choosing a tree with character for a symbol rather than the usual kind of tree.
Blogging and computer work rather than housework all the time.

Chatting with people and groups rather than
obstain from all the dangerous people in blogosphere!.

Making up my own words.

If you read me, you will notice various rebelness. ........................................................................................

Well enough about me, how about you?


  1. Don't you sometimes feel you are talking to the wind, then someone makes a comment and you know it is not a tree falling in the forest with no one to observe.
    I never saw which tree you would choose for your tree.
    I think I would choose a Sequoya. I have always wanted to achieve a bonsai. Wouldn't that be great.
    I used to drive around my state like you, but now that I have the toddlers to care for we stay at home. They both have their merits. I will say for my retirement I thought I would get to go on genealogy trips. Not happening.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. You are a friend.

  2. Your right, and I did not get this finnished yet,too busy at the other one with the award and a few other side tracks.It's written and I am sure badly need time consuming editing. I am thinking of starting blogs in notepad. But then finding them may deter me.

    Anyway, I did think of the sequoya or a california Red Wood. I was first impressed by the old cards my grandmother sent me showing it's massive growth. I learned that once placed in a place like australia with sufficient rainfall, it grows fast like a weed. Since I know that it will affect my decision. : )

    My love of huge big old trees of character grew. And that is how our familie trees are like a crazy quilt. Not that little sapling we often see! Of course it would be replaced with a sturdy tree later on, I hope.

    As if Talking to the wind, well, I suppose, but This blog is kind of therapeutic. I get to release something, hot air or cooled off air to the wind. My wicked humor, or my craft share or my gardens. I only started sharing it after some ladies at work were interested in some plants I had donated to the charity sale. I had to edit that page, cause I borrowed some pics from flickr to illustrate my point. Tee hee,I think once edited it was boring to others. I noticed you develop other roots, other than genealogical roots. Personal side etc.

    I have sent the blog addresses to old friends from back home, and if they read,nothing has gotten to them so much they will comment!

    Now and then, I call my childrens attention to it as I did the other day when daughter said she had heard a nut does not fall far from the tree. I showed her my first blog page here. I said something about reading my blog and she gave me thought to think about, "that there is so much". She either meant they are long or so many posts.

    Conversations with myself could be a title?
    I wish my writing space was wider, but too late now.