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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where should I plant or Place this Pink Potted Petunia.

Pink, Pink, and more Pink. Can too much Pink be a problem?
At our cottage yesterday, I received a couple gifts for our Wedding anniversary. One of them was this pot of petunias in this gorgeous almost bubble gum color. It is pretty close to the same color of that potted geranium that he gave me for Mothers day...

It has taken him many years to understand that Pink is wonderful and works with me. Red not so much. You know how they are brainwashed that they're suppose to give red roses to a woman.

I have only one little problem with these flowers... is where do I put my potted pink petunia. What place is the perfect spot. Everything needs a perfect spot. I seem to be having such problems making decisions about my garden spots these days.

So yesterday, I went around here and there amongst the borders to find the most perfect spot.

This one came to mind, cause it was so enhanced with the coral pink flowers in that pot. [Which I really must pot up today, if I can.] The pink colors are very different. I really do like the snow in the summer [cerastium tomentosum] near it. After I feed it maybe manure tea, it should fill out much more. I could remove the other Pink flower too, to see if that makes a difference worse or better. but I think this is the best spot for a potted coral Pink Begonia.

Note: Most of these pics are clickable for enlargement.

My next logical choice was the white bridal wreath border where there is now a decline in the blooming of the bleeding heart. I like it fine here. The white enhances this pretty well! but as I gave it a wetting down where the lilies are trying to grow, I noticed the blooming of this bush is nearly over. After a good rain or a wild wind the bush will be done. Later the tall phlox come into bloom as a light pink. The Potted Pink petunias do blend well with the Dames rocket in flower and the little chives plants. Soon the Dark purple Siberian Iris by the mail box will be in bloom.

The Peonies will soon be blooming light pink. Perhaps there may be a conflict of Pinks. For the time being it would work just fine. ???

I walked down my little hill to the back yard to my hand made rock garden oasis. Just tilt your head and see how this blends in quite well. I know I know, the church is not placed very well. This was a beginning of a fairy land awhile back. but now not so much. I can tell you why later.

Everything is so lush again this season, and the ferns have been moving here as well. And so has that Indigo tree! I have a lot of work to do here yet to get the bed in shape. I have to cull the plants still. Fertilize regularly.

Again for now this would be a great spot. There are foxgloves to bloom, along with the Annabelle Hydrangea. I have already moved the many types of Salvia with it's purple spikes.

There probably would be a conflict again with pinks.

Peonies again will be in bloom top and bottom of the rock garden very soon. Also the lavender pink roses will be blooming soon by the trellis. Up there in that jungle the Monarda will come out a pretty medium pink too.

Yes, I am walking that pot of pink too on the strawberry pot. Last year it contained the most beautiful pale pink lily. There is a gorgeous Hardy geranium in another blend of pink behind these Hostas. Again we find the wonderful scented light pink Lavender rose in the corner soon to pop a bloom. The Iris has finished it's lavender and maroon bloom. Later the obedient plant will bloom. It has been traveling pretty well in that corner. I see it needs a little weeding as well. I have always liked a little pop of dark pink here as well. [ but I am cutting costs now] Around this corner by the door that we saw in the above photo is the reverted phlox hopefully it will be in full flower in that reverted magenta color.

Do I like it here. Honestly, anything goes well with the Hostas. Later it will be in conflict with the pink roses, I think. Also, I see no spot to really have it in a pot.

Here in the little cottage border it's a mix of a lot of tints and hues.I moved the Geranium over here instead of the Potted Petunia. Just to look.

You can see why I want a punch of bright Pink or a blend of Purples with white. Again the light pale lavender Pink roses will be in bloom soon. They are everywhere, aren't they? But soon the Hesperis Matronalis will be done, and trimmed. I still haven't put out my bright purple big goofy bird. It could be too much.

Ahh now the pond rockery again and the pot petunia has landed on the half rustic barrel. Once, My aim here was for a french market type setting. French blues predominate. That has laxed . No time yet to take that up. Instead we have the magenta taking over while in flower. If one views from straight with the tree head on; the Petunias flowers in the pot mingle with the flowers of the tree.

But I do like it there against the old gray garage, which may be gone by next year.[ That's a Hint of a problem upcoming for another blog, is it not? lol] [The Garage is falling down] More of the porch as well as the rest of the house needs a good painting. we were going to do siding, but well you know how that goes.
I was trying to photo another angle. [Please ignore our desperate for help windows on the porch.] Maybe, If I did not accidentally weed them out, my single daisies will come up. Also here should be some flowers in blue in July.

Should I mention that crawling along the rocks at the right are some more of the same rose. that kind of reminds me of Ninfa. I have been contemplating planting some clematis to lend a little bloom to sprawl there instead of that forever moving Virginia creeper. Wisteria somewhere?

High up by the garage is the perfect spot where I often indulge a few Morning glories. Possibilities for clematis, if I got the right color. I would love sweet peas, but maybe another year.

I am not sure about here. There is a lot going on with the Irises right now.

Amongst the rockery which is more rustic natural looking, I am not sure about a potted Petunia. Though the color enhances quite a bit. It helps balance the tree. The color should be in threes, I think?

Speaking of french and unnatural looking, my little boy fountain that you have seen in front of the house goes up at the top of the rock garden by the door in the fore front of the Indgo tree.

*Note : Once I remove the potted plant, I realize suddenly the places seen not so much that great. Once again I know that I need to spread my plants around to balance colors. Maybe do a little browsing and searching to maybe find perennials in this pink color that can bloom, when I need them too in the perfect spot.

What do you think.? Which location should I choose.

It sits here now. Did you choose that one?

The right corner of here has crossed my mind as well. I will have to see where I could move the pot that is already there in that corner. In the mean time the watering can geraniums get to stay.

Did you notice that I stayed away from the woods and the Rosemary Verey garden spot wannabe?.

Well thanks for listening and 'the walk around' with me. I think now I am almost ready to get the purple bird out and set him up.
just me jo.


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me comments! I enjoyed looking at your pictures on your blog too! I will be back again soon!!!

  2. Thank you cindEe. I did enjoy your blog. It is such fun isn't it. It will be fun to hear from you again.