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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New posts may be a little slower at Sunnyside

Sunny side is not nearly as sunny as it should be at the moment. I will have to take a little time from posting to sort through a few things.

You know how one can just get themselves out of order for various reasons. Then something happens to take them to a new place. It makes them step back and look at the path that they have been following all this time. It makes them question whether they should keep going along that same path or blaze through to another route.

I am not thinking about quitting blogging, but at the moment it won't be as often as it has been at this site.

I have some genealogy work to publish. Even that for a short amount of time won't be as much or often as I might want.

I am not planning on going away from blogging at all, cause I do really enjoy it.
I just really have to accomplish some other things with the family and around the house. I hope to be able to pick up a few more hours at work. In order to do that I may need to learn a few new parts of other positions so I can fill in with out their discomfort in my doing so. I feel like I have been neglecting what is important to me in my daily life. Perhaps I have been a bit selfish in my pursuits of self expression. I can resolve that, of course!

So with that said I know you will understand why I am not posting so many new posts.

It's kind of like my garden at the moment.

So many of my flowers have finished blooming. The roses are blooming soon to be finished. Just as the clematis, and Irises and my bushes have finished. The garden is few in blooms at this time. It maybe more time lapsing before the next ones show themselves. Kind of like my posting for a bit.

It's time to harvest some vegetables from the garden. And spend a little time cooking with them. Projects to attend to as well.

I suppose some of it will draw me here now and then.

I surely will have lots of ideas in my head that I'd like to share here as time goes on. My camera will be handy and taking pictures too.


  1. Never mind. I had to slow down a bit this spring too - too many other things to do. But the blog will still be there when you do have time.

  2. It is interesting to find your hobbies are gardening and genealogy. Since I started blogging about my garden it has taken away from my genealogy research and writing. I find I just have too much to do and am running round in circles with all the other things in life. I shall be stepping back from that outside work for a while as triple digit temperatures are just too much! Time for some writing. Salt Lake City here I come.

  3. Hi, Sue and Lancashire rose bloggers, I did not see you until today. Sorry.

    You are both so right, lol. The blog will be here and the warm temperatures had me staying inside. I tell you the secret reason I still haven't blogged lately even then. It was design Star on Hgtv. I got caught up in the whole deal. I just had to read everyones writings and comments. I have found a lot of new blogs accidently because of it. That is the best part of it.

    ** I just have been having a lot of fun. Today, I noticed a blog of mine needs fixing. [smile]

    [ Don't judge above kitchen/dining area as my decorating design star style. lol ]

    And Gardening does take away from my genealogy work. I hope to start up soon with more on Meyer and Oregon.!!!

    Thanks for stopping by.