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Friday, April 3, 2009

A Rootdigger takes a break from Genealogy to take Easter Pictures.

You can see I had a little fun with the camera for the up coming holiday.

The pulpit was a lucky find. My picture is pointing out the obvious mixture of religion and man made traditions or fads. { I have plans for the pulpit.} I don't like the shadow on it.
I am not totally in love with the pictures. But I can't help myself. Cause I just love bunnies.

The one on the left came to us one Easter. I felt so guilty keeping him. But he made himself at home. I have had the babies longer than the mother. [ snicker]

A few years back a friend, Kaye and I shared a love for bunnies and cottage decor. The rabbit on the right came into my home because of that friendship. I couldn't help myself. She moved away and since I miss her, I like to think that is a good reason to keep my bunnies around all the time.

I know, I know, I had to explore the program Kodak offers. This one falls under Fun effects. I kind of like how the cartoon looks.

If I had proceded to do the fun effect of a Darker spotlight, I could say that this is a view of my bunnies in their home. Like a peek through the opening of a hole. We'll see what happens eventually.
See Easter is over and Mom and pop bunny are relaxing a little after a previously busy day.
I don't know, which do you like better. I wonder what I could do more to make it seem like a view through a rabbit hole. Streak in a little grass. Put in a little lamp with a glow. That could hard for an amateur like myself.

Possible Rabbit Hole Home?
I would show you my It's spring photos, but it snowed and suddenly I feel like it's not spring yet. So No show for those.

Feel free to Comment if you have any ideas or suggestions for my Easter photos.
Thanks for stopping in.
Have a nice Easter.

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