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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Rootdigger's Sunnyside Land Is Not All Sunshine

Good morning,

How's it in your neck of the woods?  Snow  here, but then  it's constant  this year.
We can't seem to get out to do any work in our gardens like we would wish to do.

Photo available - due to a steppingstones garden tour
             That rain barrel or another type of container is necessary in this garden so  I left it in this photo because it shows what's actually real in a gardeners life. It means that the  days are not all sunny in sunnyside land.. Or maybe sometimes too sunny for our needs.  The owner of the garden in these photos has been gardening on a very step hill with very low water pressure in her hose. And it fails to supply water to the top. I hope you can tell almost how high  up by this photo below.                                  

Looking down to the house below from halfway up

I've been wondering about all that  snow  this winter and rain this April,  if  it means a drier summer this year. Will we have a desperate need  for  rain barrels?
I don't need to run out and buy one,  I have one in storage that I have intended to fix up to my drain pipe and  to collect the rain water. My hose does run down a small hill. It can reach anywhere on my  long  garden area and has adequate enough pressure.[ Not that,  I wouldn't mind better ]
When I set mine up  I am going to keep in mind what the lady on the Larson farm did with her water tank. As an experienced Gardener,  she bundled it up to keep out the critters and maybe even the insects. You can't see it,  but she also has one on the north side of the log barn too.

Clematis Unidentified
Dry or wet in the the summer the clematis needs what it needs to look this beautiful. I never imagined having to supply extra  water this high up a very steep hill with barely any water pressure. I also have my own watering problems with a garden downhill from my water supply.  Keep in mind that when you connect the wrong hoses together running down hill  a long distance,  you also can lose water pressure. But I still feel blessed. since I saw the Larson Farm in Dunn co. Wi.

We'll just have to see what I get done. With rain or sunshine at my land I'll be glad when it's summer. If you live in the north, I suspect you think the same. How is Spring going for you?