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Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Tall Irish Tale

Top of the morning to thee. tis a tall  Irish  tale likely to be told on tis fine of a day. 
I don't think me  tale involves pots of gold, though thou may think  thou see them.

Even though it's happening seems  somewhat mystical and magical there ar no fairies or blarney stones.  I don't know if I should  even tell thou  may  simply disregard it as a yarn of  blarney. Tis true to me heart.

It happened long ago, so many hours ago as Me, Jenni Aloegist sat reading thee ol' Meyer heritage book so intent in me search. . While, Outside, dark it was with the snow coming down to the ground already piled high with snow. I made meself snug in me nook with a cuppa tea and a cholcolate biscuit or two. I had on her thinking cap, me family can tell you, I always wears it when I am doing me work. I stretched out as I read and read so many pages. Intent I was to find thee Katharina Margarethea Elisabeth hiding place. I wanted to find her and bring her into the light and place her in her proper place on the old family heritage book , so cherished by me family line of people who once lived in the old country at the time of kaisers
and kings..

Aye, If I knew if me dear Pap had lived to see this day he would be so proud to know that Twas me who had filled many a page in thee ancient  green book under the old names,  solving the ancient family mystery tales in the dark of the evening. Ttis true me had wished to meself,  so many times,  that if me had asked me dear Dad those details twas what he probably knew and kept to himself deep in his heart.  He didn't write it down, probably sure in himself's  mind that we didn't care to know. And of course me sadness rose again in me heart,  as It came  to meself,   how I  had disappointed him by showin a lack of interest. But I know'd I'd find her!.It was in me Dream. Me would keep at it. Checkin and recheckin.pages after page. I'll do it for meself and me old deceased Dad's Dream of family knowledge.
May his soul rest in peace.

Me  went back and forth all night till crack of dawn travelin in page and in me mind visualizing to where she  twas most likelyto have traveled. In Illinois with  city directories lists of Joliet.  States of Ohio, Indiana and Nebraska.  I ambled past the plains, mountains and rivers, but never beyond the sea. Maybe by his kin folk, maybe not.
I furiously wrote down at me ol weblog what I had seen and where me had been in wanderin an galvantin from city lists to city lists in me search for me mysterious greatest aunt. I searched for hours and retraced the steps I had other times used. For all me seekin I couldn't find her.

I had to record what steps myself had taken and wrote not getting up to eat or get another chocolate biscuit or more tea. Me was   achen and tired, but happy with what twas written so others could read of where  me had been and what me  twas planen on doin next.. Retracing meself steps, examinin as I tried to write me sentences the Alder bug had walked across me pages while  readin.. SWOOSHED HIM me did AWAY, Tis then he came agin. Twas he that landin on me arm and I twished him away. "Get away with yah " me said.

The Luck of the Irish

By this time I an old granny like can be a little crabby,  sore, a little weary,  and  little disappointed that  me dreams  efforts seemed to be for nottin. Others might call it despair. Ttwas Tryin  so hard and workin so many nights to  cracks of dawn, hours  with me hurtin in me  joints. Nottin stopping Thee little  Alder   bug was comin  back over and over as he had so many time. before. Never givin up.  His wish was to  just to crawl over me work and up my arms on to my fingers knuckles  and lookin at me as me had written  down me thoughts. .  Exhausted me was of him and the pages not gettin me what I wanted. Not inspired by it's tenacity in accomplishing himself's end.   I said
 "Aye Little   bug , here thou  ar sittin on my hand.  Isn't there somewhere else thou should be, shouldnt you be gettin there?.  If thou  have something else to do shouldn't  thou  be  be  a doin it. Now I don want to see thou come around again!. Off  thee should be. .Get  otta here, now.. Done.. Vamoose."
And flyin he went.

Huntin and gettin my readin stuff and me weblog notes. I said out loud in me little  world to hear  cause I was not alone in me room, mind thee.
" Could Elizabeth Stille be me gal, but she got  born in 1823. She don't belong to meself".
Out of the corner of me eyes I saw the   Alder brown bug with red coloring   approaching the center of  me arm  slowly gettin to me.face again and he  stopped  at me hand  looked at me in the eyes,.  His antennae  moving slowly. We'd be weary   cause he twas  stubborn!..
Continuin on me scolding meself and me examinen the pages before me.wishin wish I could find her for meself. 
"Why do they keep pestering me with Mecklenburg locations in me  way."   "Arggg." 
And up thee Alder little bug went on to me fingers to the reading material and  stopped,  looking at me almost in the eyes, moving his antennae in my direction  and at the  reading material..

Okay I know'd as he looked into me eyes in me  face and he  twas a twiddlen his tentacles as he  was  sayen and tellin me to
"leave him be.  Please wouldn't  thee  spare me. I have family members  destined;  all wantin to be descendants  too". 
Didn't me know it  all too well  tis his ancestors rarely happened in his  little world. I felt sad for him  As I decided to let him be.  Twas  his little head a  noddin  at me and his little twitchin of  fear seemed to less for himself. And somehow me kindness  and goodness had  maybe grown and   gave  me  and himself peace.

 Workin on ignorin him as best for  meself.  He  halted an twas still. Maybe  silently communicating to me it would be all right as he was advancin  across the words on me  new page .  Little Alder bug moved his antennae and was blocking some of me view of the Stille pages and  then he moved again.
"Dog gone it's that Mecklenburg ludwiglust again, Tis the  Schwerin Mecklenburg census Now  I will be getting past that". Oh, Thou moved,  Lets see what tis it-- Margrete Stille born 2.2.1842 Tis her birthday  Eichdorf!!.
Me  Gettin so excited,  so I said out loud cause thou  and I know I wasn't alone.
" How many Eichdorfs tis there now. Tis better to  remember to look little  detail like that later. Me might as well see it. since Tis  Eichdorf  needs a looksee being the same Birthday and all..  Oh me golly, Alder,  tis true tis her me Katharina Margarethea Eliabeth born at Eichdorf. living in Mecklenburg Ludwigslust or in the very  Schwerin territory me  been blastin hatin  so long a time!"
"Why thou  Alder bug thou work thee  magic,   my  Dream wish has been granted". .
And he nodded again at me. an he  knew he granted me one wish for savin  his descendants pappa. Grateful, and happy  me thought again of me Dad and thinkin to meself how happy he would be to see one of his ancient  ancestors sister  had been found and placed by meself  Gennie Alogist,  in the ol green  family book just as I told yeh..
And that's no blarney  tis  me story of  so many hours ago on that snowy dark night goin into the crack of dawn..
I'm  just havebeen  say'n don't get mad at something, cause  thou never know how it could make thee so happy.

Perhaps the Alder family later  had a family reunion picnic. Me thinks me saw meself in thee Alder Heaald  Newspaper.

~ ~ Needs a little editing   ~~
I have no clue why I  attempted to write in Irish when the family is obviously German.!!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just remembering what spring and summer was.