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Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Cottage gardem with White and Pink

Hi, Spring is here, and summer around the corner. Or at least it seems like it will be soon.  It's been a crazy spring. That delay, just gives more time to get in the mood and  figure out what I plan to do this summer.  I want to share some of my ideas with you. So lets get started.

 Okay. what your seeing is the eastern side yard at Jan's garden.  [You've seen her garden here before.] There is so much uniqueness. I love her fence for a start. her garden gate is tough, but still cottage style. What can be better than white and  Pink?. Honeysuckle vine is something I had heard about, but not seen. I like it. What I want you to notice here is the pink plants. Behind the Honeysuckle is the clematis, and I don't know which one it is.  I posted so you get a view of what I think is  the Malva because I'd like to try that light pink shade.

Also  maybe  this summer some of the  the miniature Hollyhock and  tall double Hollyhocks in shades of Pinks and white. I am not sure where yet, but it's have to be a rather sunny area..

We can see the  same grouping in more detail as I give you a view looking back. I know Gertrude Jekyll says you need a little orange in the beginning of  a  stroll through a border in a flower garden. do you like it?  I never would have thought to include it, it does seem to work with the yellow, and it works because of the yellow.  I  would never have thought to include it with all the pinks. All her other lilies are really lovely. I suspect some are Asiatic lilies. I've had those in the past, and they work for me.

I have been leading you up to this picture which  has more vibrant  more pink  with the inclusion of the  Brighter poppies of course  with some blue and yellow green shades. Her foxgloves are  the perfect shade . I wished I had asked  what kind they were. Again I love her lilies and,  well nearly everything about this border.The color combination  with  that glorious blue shade plant is just  Yum. I wish my view for you was larger, because it's worth it large. [ Give a click on it  to put it in another tab,  and see what happens.]

I really want to do something similar maybe matching  colors with the Malva plant. Maybe not a white at all, but the pink one. I'm just not sure what the blue plant is for sure. I suspect campanula Blue Clips. Some times a camera photo can mislead you. In this case my photo shares it as blue more than   lavender.

I think she has other Delphiniums coming later.  I would  have  thought to have white, but you know I like it without the white,  cause there is plenty  of white on the siding of the house  and fence.

You may not realize what other plants are  included in more of the garden photo shots that I was careful not to include with this romantic cottage type of flowers with  the foxgloves and  and poppies.

 Should I let you see  those  unexpected surprises of plants on the opposite  side,  further down the path as it heads  downward to the somewhat shaded back yard?.  Do you really want to know what I left out?

I am trying to decide,  if it is what I would include myself,  if I had those plants. [I can't seem to get this picture vertical,  so  we'll just have to deal with it, until I can turn it.] But see what I mean, the unexpected is that chocolate coral bell and the Astilbe. Evidently in Wisconsin, east side is shade enough for these. [We're always learning aren't we?] She also had shade  from a tree in the neighbors yard to the east of this side garden.

Well  now you can see what kind of decisions I plan on  making. One among many.
What kind of decisions are you facing with your garden?
Happy Gardening.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Who needs outdoor temperature gauges?

Hi, How are you doin?
I hope it's starting to feel like spring by you, it is here, although we recently got about three inches. The three inches are melting as we speak with all the sunshine. I don't mind all the snow, since it doubles the light receiving factor.

Who needs the outdoor temperature gauges?
Not me!
The only thing I do mind about the warmer weather is the increase of the box elder bugs. It seems, I don't have to check my weather page anymore, I just look to see how many box elders came into the house and if they are in the inside of the window. Those are my clues. Cause you know just sometimes the sunshine can be a bit misleading.

I know, now you can tell I have an older home, unremodeled, but I don't care.

In any case this hermit is venturing forth happily today. See you later.