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Friday, November 4, 2011

Tips of Things Worth Knowing

Hi, How are you doing? I myself am really busy getting ready for the daughters birthday party this sunday. As I was cleaning I found a page from an old little booklet named 'THE HOUSE OF GURNEY' I thought I would share a tip or two from that page
--To keep ants moths and other insects out of closets or pantry,sprinkle the shelves and cornerswith Sassfrass oil, l and they will soon bid you goodbye.

--Blue Ointment and kerosene mixed in equal proportions and applied to the bedsteads is a unfailing remedy as, as a coat of white wash is for a log house.

--If you value your own and your family's digestion, don't serve tea with fish. The tannic acid hardens the fibre and makes it indigestible. It should not be offered with any form of fish including lobster and crabmeat. Iced tea and soft shell crabs for example, are a combination that should be avoided. [In those days of the past there was not such a thing as Instant Iced Tea]

I suppose the housewife back in the forties kept a little bottle of the oil in her cleaning pantry. Don't you wonder how she got the sassfrass oil and if she made up the oil herself. Maybe she would get it in a little jar from her druggist.

I find so many of the tips outdated. But they are fun to read anyway, so I'll share a few more soon.

Well, as the supermarket clerk says "Have a good day"!