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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Art in the Garden

Rusty Art in the Garden.
Your thinking, now I know Jo has gone nuts, that's just a part of a wheel thrown in among plants. That's not art. Maybe jo a rootdigger should stick to genealogy?
Yes your right, of course, would you believe me that it's not trash thrown there; but it's there because of its rusty color. I think it coloring blends in nicely with the plant selection in that area and it balances this other art object a short distance from the other two.

An Armadillo art piece.
Did you notice the burgundy or rust color plant in the above picture,I think it helps to keep the eye going from there to other spots of the color around the very large garden from the entrance to the end. To me her art and the color rust in the garden help tie the garden all together. This Midwestern Gardner creates some extra interest with her use of Rust color or that shade of brown. I'll just have to show you what I mean.

At this right side of the garden slightly below the wheel placement you can find more rust placement. See the line of poles with the little birdhouses and the rusty colored hen ornament in the foreground behind the yellow flowers on our right in the picture. I think Gray weathered wood and rope is another color and feature she uses to tie to the log building.

She has done the same at this other left side of the entrance to her garden. Naturally the rope has it's practical side, because the garden path is rather steep. The Line of the color leads us up the path. She leads us and gives us little perks as we spy each interesting piece of art all through the garden walk. Kind of like playing 'I spy'.
Did you notice that the building below, which is a house, that has the same hue of Rust.

I have never really had a desire before for the rust or burgundy plants for my garden, but seeing them in her Yellow combinations of plants, I now have had a yearning to try something like this on my own.

More of the same rust color with lights and yellows and in this photo with some lavenders and pink tones. Often she includes some gray tones with her accessories. I really love this color scheme, can you tell.

Go ahead and click on the photos, you'll enjoy the colors more.

Back to the right side of the garden, where she alternates between the rusty art with the rust or burgundy colored plants to set off her pallet scheme of the yellow. Now you can see why she ties in the gray hue.

This snaped shot location is not far from the old wheel. I hope it shows you that the selection of this creative art piece is intentional. Sometimes as in the case below, some pieces are hard to see, but not so in person.

Sorry, I did try to take decent pictures at the last minute of a tour, which was about five o'clock. I had no choice of time. And my camera is not that great. Nor my skill with it. lol.

This is one of my favorites. I think what makes it for me is the color of that carpet she uses through out the garden. Were looking from the left to the right and maybe south to north. [ Sorry roads in Wisconsin twist and turn, one quickly loses direction.] She said it helps to keep the shoes free from mud and dirt. It does look new for the tour. The color makes me think of a pond viewed from a certain angle.

I bet by now, your thinking that the garden is the same with the same colors through out - rust, yellow, pink, lavender, creams and whites. But your wrong!.

[Does that make me jo arootdigger right? Yahoo!]

See, I couldn't leave these out, I find the blue Delphiniums so beautiful. Do you see the art piece? What's so special in it's use? Want a better look. [ Sorry my camera just lacks the ability for the good detail the garden deserves. ]

Ahhaa you say, rust and gray in an old farm tool placed at the perfect spot.

And you find that she used a little gray here and there. I am not sure if the log chunks have a purpose, or why they are there, but I like them there. You know one just has to break up the view of just plants.

In other spots she has used all kind of weathered wood bird houses.

I just had to share my love for this garden. With its use of all the rust pieces, which are better appreciated close up, of course. I kind of wanted to emphasize that your garden art doesn't have to be shny and new. We can re purpose and be green at the same time.

I hoped you clicked on the pictures for a larger view. I find them so breath taking.
You saw side views, views looking up and part way down. There are more beautiful different colored flowers. Those will wait for another day.

I found it to be so much fun to see what old materials from old machinery and 'what nots' were used to make up the rust color art pieces that she used in her garden.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Maybe you would take time to stop and comment and tell me what old pieces from the attic or elsewhere that you have used or seen in a garden. I'd love to know.
just me jo arootdigger at sunnyside slope

See you later, I have some more garden art the next post.