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Thursday, March 31, 2011


one of gods creatures, the box elder bug here at sunnyside slope. Last night, two of the little red devils flew in and landed on my head, while I was sleeping. I am such a light sleeper, I was able to detect them each time and smacked the little devils. Before these last months it's been hard for me to kill anything so directly during the waking hours, but in semi unconscious state, they met their fate. Several months ago, I consciously declared war. and have been making some
attempts to get them out of my house or remove anything tempting them inside.
The dark red box elder bug can be a rather endearing curiosity in the daylight. That's why I am ashamed to say that they have made themselves too comfortable in between the kitchen windows s and a few have worked their way to the inside of my kitchen window on the south side of the house. Especially those who have seeked me out.
I think they must have built in heat sensor, because they definitely crawl around to where it is very warm. Despite the coldness of the outdoor temperature lately, I have kept my heat in the house to be cool, and have donned sweaters and blankets, as I am doing now. Earlier when they emerged it was warm enough at my house temperature, so they
wouldn't need to seek heat like they have. Occasionally, I hear them banging a light
bulb, which would be too hot to crawl on long. I have noticed them on my
coffee maker and my hot lap computer while I am using it.
My hot laptop is a magnet to them during the day, if they choose to wander away from the security of the window area. They used to crawl up my blanket even onto my hand pause, and look at me. There seems to be no fear in them at those times before my
declaration of war. I speak to them in such loud voice to remove themselves
from my presence, since I do not wish to tolerate them any longer , but it seems
my words and meaning fall on deaf ears. I merely flick them away and it crawls back
several times, dare I say with a limp. Yes, on that sight, I feel such distracting guilt.
that evades me when they land on me during the night. The ones smacked at night
surely may be the ones who had the blind trust. Surely the others heard it at the time
of the smacked death.
Yet there were two last night.

Such tenacity and braveness of their nature has me wondering how this creature is out in the wild world of nature. Who is it's enemy in the higher level of the pyramidal food chain. Would the box elder bug seek out other large animals and sit on the animal for a time where it's tail can not reach them. It makes no attempt to bite, pinch like some ants or sting like the bee.

I have wondered after moments of reflection on Gods little creature that it is possible that they seek their fellow bug's dead body. Perhaps it is why they brave this giant to crawl around my blanket here at my chair to look for the deceased. Haven't you seen ants carrying the deceased somewhere. I have and I find that a curious nature of theirs.

What nourishment do they seek. I haven't notice if they come to you at the smell of food that your eating, such as dairy or fruit like a fruit fly or a house fly. [ Although house flies don't live long enough in my house to be observed] I do have spider plants at my window and I do see them perched on them. They are rather ratty looking anyway, so I don't know if some of it is from them or otherwise from my attempts of horticulture. I am not the most tidiest of the human race so there are tidbits here and there. I rarely see them on my stove. but I do see them by my fruit, which I intended to leave out in the open. I detest the thought of them crawling on them, or into them, so it's nothing I care to do often while they are around.

It's almost seems as there are two separate actions of the Box elder bugs so far in my house. The occasional Box Elder bugs at my side who show no fear, while I am busy blogging and browsing; and those who remain in the kitchen at the window and a few occasionally on the coffee maker. Earlier I mentioned that they seek us out anytime, but lately in my war on their presence they seem to have spread the word of my elimination attempts down my kitchen sink or in an awaiting glass of soapy water. Now when those at the lower areas of the window see me they hide behind my ornamental bottles on the window ledge, maneuver under the coffee maker or behind it. Some even seem to have enough intelligence to know they won't be bothered high where I do not bother to reach them. [ So far, they can't read minds] One of the techniques of those upon their site of my giant presence is to immediately drop down. They seem to know my grasp is meager at times. Then too that window [ which will be remedied of that error soon] needs caulking badly at the edge of glass, so maybe they hope to exit there, where they may have entered in the house in the first place.

Sometimes it seems as if they forget that they can fly. You will find that they crawl or walk rather than fly to their destination. Their obvious flight is noisy like a fly.

Once upon a time I was able to catch a fly in the air with my hands. I will say, it rarely can happen now nor do I catch the box elder bug on the window that easily. I usually drop them into soapy water. If my vacuum hose was longer or my vacuum lighter, I would try that method. I have used the soapy spray, but it leaves my window ugly to viewers. the spray residue on the window, doesn't seem to drive them away, either.

I have wondered how they would do with a venus fly catcher plant.

Maybe they have a time sensor based on the heat temperature from the sun, because it seems they disappear out of the window at night and only emerge to the window again during sunshine. Hopefully they can find their way out as it warms up outside. Would they? Which is more important to them, being in a luxurious life, which leads them to be a target for terrorism.

The first thing on my 'to do list' as the weather warms is to learn to caulk, fix air leaks, and other general methods to fix the windows so that the box elder bugs can no longer enter. Secondly, I may talk it over with the dh. about taking away the Box elder tree. We have several other kinds of trees and I see no need for it. However, there are power lines of many types in that very area, it may not be anything we want to tackle. So my efforts before Fall will involve cracks and crevices that they can enter.

Because, I am not embracing the Box Elder bug.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A flower dressing for the bed, just like a pillow

Browsing, and found a unique idea or two. : )
Here goes:
Dreamy Whites eclectic bedroom

From this little gal at Houzz who practically begs you to put them in your idea file. She even offers a idea file subscription. Actually the picture is from Dreamy White who has the most wonderful blog.

Isn't that lovely. Maybe one wouldn't want to lay one's head on it, but I would certainly love looking at it, even on a white couch.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A gypsy soul

Get images at the Graphics Fairy and Magic Moonlight Free Images

What a delightful find. A shepherd's hut wagon. I have to say that I wondered if it were for real. You need to browse this a bit for yourself.
It is subject for a little fantasy and what a subject for art.

Just like the author of the link, I think I also have a gypsy soul. I would love something like a gypsy = GRV. To do up like the olden days. Just go wild with it. It surprises me that they had such a tiny stove and even a stool. Naturally it was a gentleman's shed, and way different than a ladies gypsy wagon. There probably was a special place for his pipe and his sheep dog too.