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Friday, February 11, 2011

Somehow I always know when I am lying to myself.

Oh my! I think from Monday to Thursday " On Friday I am going to work hard and get a lot of house work done, then on Friday what happens. I sit down here to finnish the work from the night before and do one more thing Then One more , and just one more won't hurt and then guess what it's afternoon. Then I think, I can't start something now.

Good Grief, Charlie Brown..... Start. Do something. Anything is an improvement.!

I used to reward myself, but how often I wonder should I do so.

If I reward myself with a piece of cake or a dish of ice cream, I have to sit down and eat it and I can't sit down with out the puter??

Lately, I have tried to only do puter reading or blogging only at meal times.
My goodness snack/ lunch breakfast sure can be a long time for some people around here.

Well I can motivate or discipline or threaten myself. I do better under pressure.

Okay, I am going to threaten myself.
" No puter till you get the kitchen floor scrubbed!"

Somehow I always know when I am lying to myself.


  1. here .. I know exactly how it is...;)

  2. Hi, Yvonne, thanks for commenting and stopping in. Have a good day!