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Monday, February 14, 2011

My everlasting love affair.??

Does any one remember this photo from and old issue of this magazine. I bought that magazine purely for that kitchen article.

I was a sucker for blue and white and a dash of pink more than a dash of yellow. It caught my fancy.I was in love with that room.

My love affair is still lasting after all these years.
I've wanted to do this in my dining area for years. I have the book cases in place. But how could one get it to the year 2011. Actually I would have to paint the book cases. Move the books. in order to get this look. around 1974 I started getting blue and white dishes. A few years ago I started picking up some pink flowered plates, and tea pots in the two colors.
I love blue transfer ware, but never got any. Which is perfect for this.

If one had no doors in the kitchen on the cupboards, I suppose it would be similar. But I have no room for a table and chair.

I know it was a country cottage feeling. But well I still live in a cottage. I just don't know what to do with all that oak that I have. You see that is what has kept me from doing this. [Also the fact that I love black looks too.] As for Oak, I like my Buffet as oak, though I have seen it painted a creamy dreamy white and it looks good. I couldn't paint the tall Hutch though. I could move it.
My adjoining kitchen is still white with dashes of blue and pink.The Pink preference
is coral pink.
The pink in my magazine shows a slight tendency to have some coral hints.

My love is pure, but my mind over heart has won so far.

What do you think of the room?

Have a Happy Valentines Day

Friday, February 11, 2011

Somehow I always know when I am lying to myself.

Oh my! I think from Monday to Thursday " On Friday I am going to work hard and get a lot of house work done, then on Friday what happens. I sit down here to finnish the work from the night before and do one more thing Then One more , and just one more won't hurt and then guess what it's afternoon. Then I think, I can't start something now.

Good Grief, Charlie Brown..... Start. Do something. Anything is an improvement.!

I used to reward myself, but how often I wonder should I do so.

If I reward myself with a piece of cake or a dish of ice cream, I have to sit down and eat it and I can't sit down with out the puter??

Lately, I have tried to only do puter reading or blogging only at meal times.
My goodness snack/ lunch breakfast sure can be a long time for some people around here.

Well I can motivate or discipline or threaten myself. I do better under pressure.

Okay, I am going to threaten myself.
" No puter till you get the kitchen floor scrubbed!"

Somehow I always know when I am lying to myself.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Oprah will leave, who will replace her in our lives?

Oprah hit our world so big. Her impact so large.

I ask you, who do you think will replace her in our lives?

I have recently found Nate Berkus show, but I doubt for spiritual speaking about life as Oprah did about life, he falls low.

At least he comes on tv early and then done. I would always foget to watch Oprah on my days off or late on evenings.