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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Was Missing One Chritmas Gift of One Million Bucks

Heres how the event went.
I just couldn't make it to shop Black Friday to get the good deals in games and videos. So I had made up my mind to gift money, which they would need anyway after all the christmas shopping they had to do. I think they still have something to open if I can present this in an interesting and creative way.

Then I didn't make it to the bank on the few days before Christmas. No big deal, so I wrote a check. I have done so before.
and took out one of these specially purchased Chocolate Candy wrapped in wrappers that says "1,000,000 BUCKS" or "1 Million Bucks" from my wooden train car. I folded it in half length wise and folded it until if fit the package molded shape.

I dropped one into my daughters large bag first to be on the bottom. I did not add the tissue until much later, since as usual, I have to hunt for hidden away gift items purchased earlier in the year. Or some last week. I think I need to get a 'designated spot'. [Because two different gifts are still 'lost in space' from purchases earlier in the year.] I wanted Snuggies for the kids and possibly the sons girlfriend, but I failed to go to the Drug store. So DH. got them for me on Christmas eve day.

I had already did my sons, but I wasn't sure what was what with a couple extra items . As I had a couple extra people to gift and maybe even a mother of a nephews girlfriend. I didn't make that many cookies and candy, so I couldn't give that either.
So I shuffled and rearranged sacks a bit for the son. I kept the same gift sack the same for the daughter.

Long story now getting short. When they opened their sacks, neither child found the gifted money carefully wrapped in the Million Bucks chocolate wrapper. It was not to be seen. I looked around. I said one was on a white bow, and another was on a red bow. I rewrote them. And I told them if they found the original one, they get to keep it.

Late christmas night the daughter told me she found hers attached to a white bow.

Maybe I had thoughts of visions of the son coming back and vacuuming and picking up more around the dining area in hopes he would find the missing Million Buck. Nahhh that did not happen.

As I was filming this story, I found the second one. I felt like I found a lucky million bucks.

It was behind the box of my gifts and on the floor between the wrapping paper.

On the back of a bow which was not Red, but Green.

Mystery Solved.

Monday, December 27, 2010



Time for Prayer before the meal which comes first.

She loves her gift from Crystal. A Hooded frog towel.

Special gifts.
SheShe gave her a Camera, which she evidently loved.

Correne watching her husband Ron

Old favorites new again.

Rockem / Sockem

This couple from Milwaukee said they had not gotten as much snow as we did.

The little photographer gets into action.

Nic gave his friend Crystal a gift that she will use in her graphics endeavors. She had to work hard at opening it. Nic has a sense of fun.

Party is over. Christmas is Done for us. I hope you had a good one.

Thursday, December 23, 2010




Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I want to leave something for Rudolph!

So your all ready for Christmas

Are you?

You have your story books for later.
You have something for your child to leave by the tree for Santa Claus.

But, What if your child says
I want to leave something for the Reindeer.

No problem, right,?
We all have Apples, carrots in the refrigerator. I think they would suffice.

Hmmm why does Santa get the good stuff. How about a little dessert for Rudolph.
I mean I know for a fact that they would love a few phlox, or tulips, maybe some petunias. But they happen to be out of season.
Maybe your special houseplant might be what they would want. But I am not sure about that. Most house plants are off limits around cats, and so I am not sure about deer. I think cut flowers are your best bet.

To be really safe and ready, I think I would have a bouquet of Lilies or roses. Then all you would have to do is leave one out [thorns removed of course]. I know for a fact it's their dessert. Santa will love your family for it. And where is there a better reason to have a bouquet around for Christmas.
No Problem.

Have a beautiful Merry Christmas.