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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sometimes don't you wish you knew what people were thinking? Or wonder what they were thinking that made them do what they did?

I took this picture of my daughter in the blue and orange [ she is further back]. This girl stranger in front knew I was taking the picture and sat there almost deliberately. There were other spots she could have sat. Perhaps her mother was going to take her picture too, I knew she could be edited out,, I stepped back and included her. Why you wonder. Because she seemed to match the daughter.

Every since the day she did that and I see the photo, I can't help but wonder what was in her mind. Was it because she knew I
could edit her out anyway.
Was she being
a little stinker? .

My daughter said there was a sign somewhere which said we were not to take single posed pictures. She thinks the girl thought I should be abiding by the rule on a sign I didn't
see at the time.
Was it because she knew I could edit her out anyway?.

I think she matched with my daughter and she knew it and felt she should be in the picture. Probably some future designer in the making.
I'll never know what she was thinking. What do you think motivated her?
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