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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Reflections of Ourselves

How do they reflect from you?

Is it clear, diffused, blurry, not as intended. Could it use some definitions or explanations.
~~ I think so ~~

~ It's Not Black and White On Either Side ~

Okay, so it is in this picture,but there is the gray areas too.

Today I embarrassed myself.
Yes I did, because I sent a woman almost running to her car.

Now don't judge me until you hear a little more of my side of it.
I don't think it is a matter of black and white. There is some gray area here!.

Isn't that the rule. I get a fair judgement [in my trial].

There is no Privacy if you live in town. There is nothing to stop a stranger from coming to my door and banging on it like some where there is a fire or an emergency. Unless I posted a sign that says no solicitors allowed; [I am not sure if my unwanted or wanted guest was a solicitor.] or keep an angry dog running around the front lawn; they have a right to knock on my door and try to say their piece. But do they have the right to enter my house and go to the second entrance door.
Sorry folks no answer means in grouches words "Go away! That Welcome on the mat is not meant for
Not on my day off, when I escape from people and the world to my little world in my house or my garden. When I am involved with what I want to be, how ever messy I happen to be, as I want to be, where I want to be, I will not go to the door, I will know who it is and decide. Leave your card or a message after your knock and be on your way. It's my door not yours,

The same goes for phone calls about buying something, or the elections. Leave your twenty messages and forget me. If I want more information, I have the means to know how to call back, look you up and find out for myself. Please leave me to my foolishly imagined privacy.

If however, that is not good enough for you, then by all means suffer the consequence. I did not ask for you to come to my door or dial my number , because you mistakenly believe this is a good neighbor hood to hit for donations or answers to your violating questions.

She said
"Who are you going to vote for?". She was violating my American right and I got my dander up. I could have said it's not your business, I just said disgusted unfriendly like, "I didn't know and probably wouldn't at all." Since I knew it would tick her off for sure. Perhaps a few more words about not having time for this. And away she hurried leaving me a phamphlet and crossing my name off of some list?

Well lady, if you knew me from the AFC. union, you should have identified it. Yes, I would love to know more about who to vote for, but not standing by my doorway in my very messy porch , where I had just layed the garbage bag prior.
Okay, I hinged on rude, saying I had no time, withdrawing my smiles, when I truly want to be a gracious person. I have chores, and they are still waiting now as I write. I am a christian. If I were in her shoes, how would I want tobe treated? I doubt I would be, since my knowledge is not the same as hers, and I would not think of attacking someone door to door except with the children at Halloween. Nor would I stoop to telemarketing.

Perhaps I happen to believe wrongly that you don't ask someone who, you say instead "do you have an idea or know who you want to vote for....", etc. Other wise why bother putting privacy curtains around you as you vote.

And as for predicting the election, what's to stop me from telling you I am voting for someone I have no intention of voting for in the election. It's what you deserve for violating my public privacy.

But on the other hand, could I not make more use of that opportunity that just was gifted to me.!!

I think there has got to be more ways to let people in on information, than door to door. Would I attend a brief uncomplicated voluntary nice timed meetings, probably. Would I watch something on tv, maybe, if it was well publicized and clear where it's located. If it was online. Yes definitely, if it again was exactly clear where. It costs nothing for online information.!!

I guess I have been silently debating with myself about whether I should have been posting some politics on this website. When I know so little. In order to help my occupational cause.

Hopefully, There is still time to step out and educate myself. There is still time to decide.

Now truly it is time to get that sink full of dishes done!!

Note : I really must make a sign to be near my door.
Beware of Me.
"Don't ask me, who I am going to vote for?"

Note: When editing the white is white print.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sure Enough -- Who Do YOu Think YOU ARE-- is On Tonight!

Who Do You Think You Are?

Tune in tonight at 8/7c NBC I think, for you to see Brooke Shield's find royalty in her ancestry!
YOU see emotions, research and nice scenery.

I hope you like it. Let me know what you think.

I shall edit in a place / blog I saw where you can view it online.

This site roots television offers some great entertainment viewing.