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Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Love of the Hydrangeas. With Pink or Blue?

Click on the pictures for larger versions for a better impact. Sorry, white flowers and my camera just don't work well together.

In the last post You were shown my pink lilies. I hope to save the bulb or corm and plant them beneath the Pee Gee Hydrangea tree more in front of the bed and directly behind the chairs. . I don't always have the table in this spot. sometimes I have an umbrella standing overhead the table.

-1- Annabelle Hydrangea.
How about right in front of the Annabelle Hydrangea Bush. I do like my hydrangeas.
In some books, lavender and purple are called blue.

I know my lily plants were tall enough and beautyful, but each year, I understand that they get smaller and smaller. At a garden tour this summer, I saw some that were really full and quite the giant compared to mine.
-2- Peachy pink and yellow lilies on the giant side.
I think the trick is in the nourishment of the corms or bulbs constantly or after flowering. I should read more about it. I hope I am successful with it. I think it would be such a romantic spot then with those lilies amongst the ferns. Imagine the aroma there too from the lilies.

I coud never make up my mind if I wanted blue in that area
-3- Can not forget the best blue of the forget-me-nots.

-4- Name unknown of voilet like plant.

or If I wanted pink blends.
-Some pink annuals-
-5- Impatients

-6- Coral bells on the shorter side.

-7-- Caladiums from bulbs or corms-

- pink on the taller wild side-
-8- Astilbe flowers also comes in redder tones and whites

- or both- Tall Phlox here

-9- Short summer Phlox -it comes taller.

I suspect these Day lilies may take a bit more sun or are less tolerant of the shade in order to bloom.
-10- Daylily

I have a hydrangea that flowers pink or blue depending on the amount of acidity that it absorbs. I like both and went pink with it this year. I'll have to see if I can get a picture for you. It does get east sun dry, but you saw an amount of sun coming in on the chair so maybe it might work here. Wouldn't that be idea. I could decide the year before if I wanted pink or blue.??

I really like the look of hydrangeas and Hostas with ferns. In the -1- photo above the little flower is the lady bell, which was rather plentiful here. It deepened my love for Campanula and other shade flowers, though she can take sun as well, that's what so wonderful about her. I know that this spot is too shady for the clematis to do very well. I have one on the other side, It is just too shady. My neighbors sapling tree grew too fast and tall for my liking. [I think he pulled a fast one on me]

-11- Hydrangeas and various Hostas.

- sometimes with evergreens

-12- small evergreen
-13- Large blue evergreens.

I was just showing my pictures centering around the dilemma of having pink or blue in my sitting spot by the views of the Annabelle Hydrangea [and the taller Pee Gee Hydrangea next to the bridal wreath] bush. They do get large as you can see and may need a bit more space than I have provided. I seem to ween out any plant that reproduces into another spot. There are some newer varieties now too, I could try.

I still have my mothers memorial Snowball tree to plant yet too. I have yet to decide on where it should go.
- just me jo -

Sources : for pictures, my camera and the 2010 Garden tour, and my garden.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday -- The Power of Pink

Your seeing here a light Pink oriental lily from the Walmart garden center, which came in a pink package which said some of the proceeds was going to cancer charity. They had lots of the pink packages of various bulbs marked in that way. It was one way I knew I would receive pink instead of yellow or orange.

What you see below in the small photo is the shamrock looking plant that has tiny little pink flowers gown from the little bulbs that I also planted in early spring. I am sorry that this portion of the photos that I cropped from the larger picture is so blurry. I had planted a glad in the middle, I should move it back more into the sunshine so that it can bloom soon.

I know the table set up below is not the proper way to use it, but I kind of did it that way this summer. Rather than putting on the glass topper.

I have always loved pink. I seek it out where ever I am. I think it's presence adds to my happiness in a day.
However, I have always thought that it is a color that can't stand alone. To me it looks great when it's added to a spot of other color. In any little scheme one should repeat the colors around. But the one lily does okay here enlarged anyway. [Wink]

So with that said, it would have been nice for more than one flower, but all the same I wish to show my little pink sblotch of happiness. Up closer the darker pink lily flower supplies the power of pink much more than the lighter flower. Each bloomed at different times.