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Saturday, June 26, 2010

I added to my reading list some blogs about design star

Warning the language in this blog is bad. Just so you know. It is about design star. But a potty mouth writes it. ----

I know, now, some of you will hurry on over there. Shame on you as my mother would say to me.

Here is the link to utube. they are very interesting.

One of them mst have sent in all her bloopers. Even her tape was not good. background noise, low sound, unpolished. etc.

I know, now some of you will hurry on over there.Shame on you as my mother would say to me.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rose chafers like my weed tree!

I have tons of these trees. I have to stop and think about who likes rose chafers in the food chain. Moles maybe. The bug is poisoness to the birds.

I give up!

Monday, June 14, 2010

My tree keeps trying to escape my garden!

I am going to show you my runaway Weed tree again. I believe it is an Indigofera. But that is as far of a classification I have made so far. So you might find it a bit boring. I am trying to show you that something so lovely is not all that perfect. Just like anything we plant in the garden. Right? Especially in my garden. I have a lot of wandering plants. They try out new places or take over others territory.

I believe that is what the bush is trying to do here. He has expanded his territory a great deal.

They really are not like a azalea or a Rhododendron which is bright and hold their own in a view. I think the bush here tends to wash out in the view of it's mass. Even alone it needs repeat color around to help the scene.

I suppose it can be blamed on the camera and the editing, but still it seems to me a bit washed out. Perhaps with the right contrast planted in front and to the sides of this bush, so it is used as a background. Perhaps then a larger impact of a view.

I planted this one above the rocks along that small trellis to keep trimmed to resemble wisteria.
I suppose in dream land it works. The branches are very brittle and do not bend all that well to be fastened to the trellis. It's a rapid grower, especially with all that nutritious dirt and sunlight. It likes excellent drainage which it definitely has here.

The problem is it's suckers. The plant shoots out about three inches below the surface a root like an umbilical cord. It tries to make a runaway or just take over a territory. In this photo above you can see masses of rock which makes a big curve. The suckers have been emerging above to the left on the grass more by where you see that potted pink plant. That is a lot of rock and a lot of earth. But still one finds the tree suckers at the end outside all of the rocks. It tunnels it's way through irregardless the block. It gets mowed off every month, but it still persists in the same areas or new areas.
I could try containing it in barrels one of these days and see how it works. A project for 'someday'.

Unless I block it or remove it in my less agile older age, it will plague me then or the new residents of my home. [ smile]

I'll end on the up side. I planted it by the house, because I love the leaves and how it can seem tropical like a palm or the ferns that I love. I think If I thin the ferns a bit more, or even some smaller hay ferns, I may like this a bit more. the colors are lovely together when the peony blooms its pretty pink along with the white version. I didn't mention how great that magenta looks with some purple and lavenders. All in all it's a keeper despite it's attempts to escape.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Have you seen any good displays of Lamiums?

I know today is Outdoor Wednesday, a very cool day too, after so many hot days. So have you seen a good use of Lamiums. Besides me of course. Mine are growing and spreading. I would like to see other gardens with a clever usage of them.

Looking around the garden I would say that my weed tree [ at the top of the page ], which I believe to be a Indigo bush will probably not be in full flower. It looks like it suffered something that made some dried up beginning growth at tips. However, it can flower all summer long. So I suppose I will see an occasional bloom.