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Saturday, May 8, 2010

It Only takes One Person To Ruin It For Everyone

Have you had to bare something cause of one person ruining it for you. An older sibling, a
class mate, a citizen in your town.?

Didn't we learn that in Kindergarten, if we hadn't already learn that at home. And it was a rule we see all through life. I will discount rulers at the moment. They are excused from this. I was thinking of this the other day for some reason. I am not sure how the thought of my grade school teacher and our music class of playing Tonettes popped into my head. It came with delayed anger {smile}
Let me clarify.
In Minnesota I think it was the way the young students learned about music. How to read sheet music and maybe something about rhythm and timing. We all were divided into three classes and had three separate teachers. Each class room teacher was responsible for their class instructions. Though they followed general requirements and guidelines. The more capable students and bright students got the best teacher and most interesting programs. At least I thought so. [ Other schools and other classes had other kinds of tonettes]

As I said we were all set to learn to play our tonettes. We had our little sheet that came with it that told the basics. We had read our mimeographed sheets of music and instruction. Some of us were anxious and had practiced at home. We were being delayed and we were anxious. One little tiny toot happened. The day it happened our teacher must have been having a bad day. Or was she not equipped? After hearing a few little breaths of a toot she announced that there were going to be no more toots and that she wanted it quiet. If there was any sound of a toot, it would be over. And somehow there was a toot sounded. I never made note of who it was, nor did I care.
Cause all I know is we had to put them away and we were off on another subject. It did not happen at all that week. I think we had a substitute teacher after that. Maybe she attempted to have a class, but seeing we were behind schedule she had anticipated it didn't happen again.

Sadly it was over and so was our music instruction. It was charts on the blackboard and maybe something said during a song. My instruction was lacking for sure. And I don't think I absorbed much from it with out hands on classes.

I forget even who the teacher was. the other day thinking on it I was mad. All because one person ruined it for the rest of us.
I saw other classes learning, I have seen younger students proudly show their tonettes and well, I looked away, knowing why we suffered.

If you think on it, It was poor judgement on the part of the teacher to issue such a threat and have to follow through. The threat is good for somethings, but not for that. I mean wasn't it like a state requirement and she threw it out the window.

My folks some years barely had money for new shoes in the fall, let alone by a tonette we didn't get to play. though it wasn't that lovely to listen to, even if we had the right tempo. I would have been mad as a parent. but as a parent sometimes what can you do.
We all have to make choices as to what to ignore and what to do about something.

What fired me up to blog about it was the incident of getting my disposable camera pictures developed. I used to drop them off at my favorite drugstore, which is suffering the economy along with everyone else. They stopped developing photographs. Especially overnight prints photo developement. So I went to walmart. As soon as I joined the man behind the counter and told him I had not been there before, he said they don't do Overnight or 'next day printing' anymore. I am a Why person so I said why? He told me cause one party sued walmart in California or somewhere and walmart stopped doing it.

Ahh now you see. One person can ruin it for everyone. Disregard the fact, I didn't even care if I had it the next day. But I might have, If I had the privilege.

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