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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Deer in Menomonie's Stout Ale House Have Developed A Taste for Ale

I'd like to stay on my May third blog, cause I am wrapped up in the pictures, especially on those that click large. But something new always presents itself. I happened upon this little tidbit of news on Face book so I copied the link for you to view by a click. There are several to see.
And the Stout Ale House hosts their own.

It seems those cute nasty deer are not satisfied with the treats we leave them in our gardens and landscapes. I think some of my offerings are good desserts for them and well remembered, because they return for seconds often. Evidently the Hops and some Creeping Charlie they have sampled in our yards has led the little buggers to develop a taste for ale. They wandered into the Stout Ale house for a little something. I jest not, see for your self by either link.

You know, this might be a good thing. If they all develop this taste for the brew, maybe they will be hanging around out there and not at sunnyside blogspot's lawn and garden. Maybe then my hops might manage to get high. My sons Blueberries might give berries for us. They can pass by with no more phlox munchies!
Hmm maybe I can set up a little brew bar by the pines and they'll sloth
around and never make it further. Now there is a jesting happy thought. I can just see it. Soon they will have to make a wall hanging of deers playing poker stealing the popularity the dogs playing cards have had for years.

Of course everyone has their own perspective when it comes to this story. ch ado about this since the Buck game was on television at the time. So it has been picked up by many sports minded reporters. It's mentioned even at Hotmail. I haven't read any of these, and I only watched one video. I shall give you some links.


Interesting that these accounts say it's sport related!
Stout Ale house link -

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  1. I must remember during my heated hate sessions for these gods creatures that they were in America first. Not only here, but in some form or another probably most european countries as well. They do have a place in our history and perspectives. I just hope that now the city might try and do something to help manage them, which could be a controversial subject.