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Monday, May 3, 2010

Como Park Conservatory Spring Tour

You will find here my appreciation for the old art of the Victorian garden. Your visit is free there, but here the charge is a comment. [Smile]

You can see it was a busy day here at the sunken garden in the Como Conservatory as everyone waits and is respectful and then they try and get their shots, coming from their own ideas of Perspective.
Eventually you will see photos at one time or another with people in them. Your going to have to ignore them and concentrate on the flowers.

Also you will notice the reflections in the ponds of the ceiling. It makes it unique.

First of all I just have to clarify that I never plant orange in my garden except for the few old fashioned tiger lilies and the orange typical farm lilies. They are similar to this color I think.??

My daughter took the time to make these nice shots with her digital camera. It was up to me to try and reduce the size for my blog.

I don't know what this vine is, but it's beautiful.

I love ferns, moss, which is lacking here. I also have a thing for Maidenhair ferns and well rocks!

I did ruin the shot, I am sitting on that bench. You can buy a post card like this one, without me in it! Water adds so much charm to a garden. but art adds even more. And then too, what would the picture be with out the palm trees in the background.

It would be so very colorful after a long white winter.

This shot does show how fantastic and Victorian this conservatory is.

The floors and the rock work is gorgeous as the flowers are. I really love this photo about the best. The bright blues were really dark Purple. If something shows as purple it is really magenta. I really like these border type plantings.

The Saint Francis with the comforting sound of the trickle of the fountain
Perfect Art for the Perfect spot.

And a little more of the huge rock wall waterfall. Below it there was a little stream with black rocks.

I can't wait to go back for the Summer views.


  1. Oh what pretty pictures! I am with you- I never plant orange on purpose! But as I am looking at these photos I am wondering if I should change my mind! Pinks,blues,purples,whites- these are my favorites!

  2. Oops forgot- yes I will post if I come across a bridge!!

  3. ok, thanks Mary Ellen.

    I was thinking of trying the color scheme in early summer when my allis chalmer orange lilies bloom. If I have the right spot for them, of course. At least rethink them. And the problem is to find something purple,and yellow,low that blooms at that time too.

    Thanks for stopping by and letting me know. That bridge is gorgeous.