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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hops for Beer Making

Beer maker demands Hops!
Stay tuned as I try to grow Hops this spring.
My son has been brewing for a year or so. I knew it was a matter of time before he got to the hops. I had always wondered if I would like the vine. Now I get to find out.

We will also get going on the raspberries, and the Blue berry plants. We have to make them inaccessible to deer.

At the back of my mind, I keep remembering that there is some weed that they brought over for beer or wine, and it creeped all over where it wasn't wanted. Was it creeping charlie or that white vanilla scented small plant that grows in the shade.

Now to learn more about this Hops.


  1. Cool on the HOPS!~ You have to be sure to let me know about husbands hobby is BEER...he does not brew but he has books and tries all different regions, and I even like IPA beers...tell your son my favorite is Dogfish, YUM! I could only have one though it is strong stuff. Thanks so much for coming over today. ANd yes perhaps a fun whimsy yellow would be great on your birdcage:) See you again soon!

  2. Lucky you to have raspberry bushes! Our family's blueberry bushes are tremendous producers but we've never had raspberry.
    My sister puts netting over the blueberries to keep the birds from eating too many. Don't know if that would help against deer, though.

    You asked how I iced the imprints on my Easter cookies. I put a sm. amt. of each color icing into snack baggies & cut a teeny-tiny area out of one corner. VERY tiny cut! I then squeezed the icing into the imprints...very labor intensive but worth it. :D

  3. I only have a few bushes and haven't developed them yet. I st out some in a rather shaded area a few years ago and they are growing well enough.??
    I haven't grown blue berries bushes before either. I wonder how long it will take before they produce. I still have to figure out where to put them. The areas of sun is selective. I was not sure how often one picks the blue berries. And I am not sure how many bushes to get.

    And I want to support my childrens happiness, if tht includes his wine and beer making hobby. At the same time I kind of hang back on the idea.

    But since I am a gardener, I look forward to the change.

    Rettabug, thanks for that idea of covering it with Net. That may help. And thanks for explaining about the cookie decorating. I shall enjoy them from your blog. My sugar intact is limited anyway. lol.

  4. Debbie, He kind of ignored my Dogfish beer question. You see here by his facebook response. He gets bored at work behind his desk and so he can see his facebook often. That is how I check and respond to him daily.

    "I've never heard of it. I'm not a fan of IPA's. Too hopy for me. Beer is a matter of balancing sweet and bitter, and they are more on the bitter side than I like. IPA's are all about being harsh... too harsh for anything to grow in them, so they could survive the voyage to India.

    I can't remember what kind of rhizomes I have, but I will probably just use them for bittering hops.

    We should plant them soon... they are pretty easy to plant... just throw em in the ground and cross your fingers. They do a lot of root development before producing anything usable. The guy who gave them to me said not to expect anything for the first year or two. "

    Response not exactly as expected.
    As far as I know, he always kind of wanted to do this and actively started about a year ago with his grandfathers abundance of raspberries.

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