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Thursday, April 22, 2010

I just love May. May Day, Birthdays, Mothers Day,


I love May, I love days in May, how about you?
The sunshine has really perked me up, I have gotten a little more ambition.
How about you. what has the sunshine done for you. [Or is it the lack of snow?]

I have just been sitting here thinking and thinking, trying to figure out what to do for this next week. My blog Anniversary for A rootdigger is coming up pretty quick. Not this particular blog at sunnyside. But the main one. that the others take off from. I am at loss in what to do to celebrate it. If you have done so, what did you do? Any suggestions for me?

I am expecting May to be a great Month, like I do every year. Since May third is considered arootdigger's birthay, my daughter has made plans for me for May 1st on a saturday. We will be doing a charity event in the twin cities at Como Park. I am of course taking my camera in anticipation of great sites. Which means I shall have to delete what is on my card before hand and have plenty of batteries.

I plan on spending some time finding my umbrella.

Just for something Extra, I am going to do a little research on orchids or lady slippers in this next week. I had seen something online a few years back about a place by the Mississippi river. I always think of that arboretum place in Northern Minnesota where they grow wild plants that I would love to see at this time of year.

When I get back we need to celebrate my sons birthday, he suggested a cookout, but I think Not. I wish I could with all my heart give him his birthday wish this year, but it won't be this year.

I should plant more than hops now too.I hope too, to get my lettuce and beets and pole peas. planted. WE have had such an early spring, I am not sure if I should plant my pole beans. I have to hunt up my seeds. I should have put the roses I saved back in the ground already. I will see how they have done in that abandoned state in the porch. I hate to find out.

To top it off the plant stores have been open already, and I haven't even stopped. It sure sounds like a good reason to go on the north side, to me.

Plus, I really must get to my Office hoard piles and get a little more done. I also need to buy some paint for a couple of projects.

Now you see why I love May. The sunshine has really perked me up, how about you. what has the sunshine done for you. [Or is it the lack of snow?]

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garage Door Blues - Time to plant and Pot Up.

Potting up and also moving plants around this spring is the major plan. Yeah, I did a little editing. I just love Fun Effects by Kodak.

You will see where I am going with the Hops. I have so many invasive plants, though lovely and economical is no longer working for me. Neither is indecision.

Yes, I have been tinkering with some photos to show you where I am going to plant the hops vine. I am also thinking of the corner which you can not see. It would be a great spot. I have to keep in mind the garage has to be torn out very soon. But the support post at the east side could remain or be substituted with something else for the hops vine if it were planted there.

I am going to take out those nuisance vines which are so invasive. They did the trick at one time. But I tire of the labor they cost me. I have some roses in mind for that lattice. Unfortunately my edit just does not seem to have the right pink for me to show. My rose you see has a touch of lavender, but I would like a clear pink. Perhaps in several shades of pink. I always have lady bells in this spot and the phlox. In front of the roses are some pretty pink bee balm and some peonies for the scent. The little bush you see at the east side of the lattice is usually cut down for less shade over the pond below. I could use advice for the right shade of blue. I want french blue I think or powder baby blue.

I could actually remove that bush that has magenta flowers and go with the hops vine there. I only put that bush in a few years ago. See older post. The hops could go there.?
Or the other spot I have I mind.

You see below the tree before I cut off the top branches. It shall only be a support, not a tree in growth. It is a constant trim process each spring and summer, but I think it will work.

I am not sure how much root system it has. I hope it would leave enough room for the Hops underground progression.

I cut up about two feet above the top of the ladder. As you saw in other blogs, I am in the process of adding more sunshine to my spot. I had planted this homemade woods, but well, I need just a little sunshine. If you have seen Monet's garden at Giverny interpreted by Dereck Fell you know one can have some charming paths, without all trees. Arbors and poles should do the trick. [ I like his shade of blue green too, but not by the old garage.

I am not sure where I got the picture, I saved it for the color combination and so I could accurately find that color blue paint.

Comment: I kind of like the colors I put on the other door where I added the coloring of the lady bell purple flower. Perfect here in the small photo. I also like the color of the bottom blue on the garage door.

What do you think. can you help me decide?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hops for Beer Making

Beer maker demands Hops!
Stay tuned as I try to grow Hops this spring.
My son has been brewing for a year or so. I knew it was a matter of time before he got to the hops. I had always wondered if I would like the vine. Now I get to find out.

We will also get going on the raspberries, and the Blue berry plants. We have to make them inaccessible to deer.

At the back of my mind, I keep remembering that there is some weed that they brought over for beer or wine, and it creeped all over where it wasn't wanted. Was it creeping charlie or that white vanilla scented small plant that grows in the shade.

Now to learn more about this Hops.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter

'Now is a gift, and that's why it's called the present.'"
Have a nice easter.

I noticed the scillia and the Daffodils blooming. How nice it is raining to bring out the rest of the little bulbs to light.
Oh happy days.