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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Which Tree Is To Be The Symbol For Me?

I have been kind of running around with a snicker in my eyes. I have been holding back some ideas I have had about Family tree symbolism.

In genealogy we seem to represent our family with a tree. One symbolistic picture is used for Who Do You Think You Are television series. I noticed a nice young specimen with perfect branches all around.

It's nothing like this larger tree which is not spreading out all uniform in shape. Though I see hints of past bandages that suggest an accident of some sort. which led to it's limbs cut off. This is a sunny golden Happy glorious pic of a Maple. Was it a planned planting of a bred maple or did it just sprout up, adopted, and got transported to this spot in front of that house? But it is the kind of tree that is well loved by children on first sight for sure. You have to get under the canopy of leaves to see it is close to the ground and spread thick apart just enough to be perfect for climbing as children do. I would have to show that in the photo of my tree if I were to pick it. Would I want it to represent the love of the youth only. And for which it stands in the mid west to most of us.

I suppose it could be edited and changed and I could use it, if I wanted it for my various posts about my tree.

I haven't decided on a tree yet to represent my take on my family tree, because Iam finding that the decision is so personal.
And well, I have a problem making decisions at this age of life.

I don't know horticulture of trees all that well, but I have formed opinions and I am going to go with those today and my other posts without a lot of research involved. This is just for fun.

Is the tree to be an image or representation? . Often times it is the mighty biblical sturdy oak that is used. A nonsense type tree of distinction.

I am considering some others. I have set the rules too. No bushes.

Mighty Oak tree. Is he the old foggy with character, can he be hip or fun. Is it necessary that he be so. He is handsome young and graces with distinction best as he adds the years. He shares in his glory by historical traditional stories of his glory. He evidently is a survivor and must be rather worldly too. Yes, he is definitely a nice choice with his well bred looks , handsome distinguished demeanor. She can be a Clever matron as she has sent forth only the might tiny little acorns. But do they grow on their own, or must they be helped for all it's reputation of mightiness.

I have never had the opportunity to plant this tree, but I have observed it in admiration.

Is this the tree for me? Can a oak tree represent my family tree? I am not sure yet.

In the Next post I'll have a few more trees.

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