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Monday, March 1, 2010

Map Madness - Gardens

So you long to drive by really slow at a local known show garden, but didn't have the nerve. Do you want to see if Rachel really has that garden she claims she has? I have many landscapes and homes I would like to view and see if there is any special curbside appeal. I guess to do this all at home without leaving home one can just do street view with google maps.

When my mind gets on a subject with the adhd advantage it races along on the subject and brings up many ideas. On this monday, I just worked on 'Multi maps on Monday' over at the arootdigger.blogspot. It was rapidly racing because there I mentioned the possibility of getting a glimpse of Metz and a possible chance to view the place my ancestor spent time as a prisoner of war.

Of course it can only be where the vehicle traveled with the camera. Some day, they may come up with an inside off the street view.

With that take, the possibilites blow this bloggers mind. Where would you want to go with street view for viewing pleasure. Now would I want to spy on anyone, old friends in Minnesota just to see where they live. Maybe sometime I might. But my first thoughts have not been as a spy feature on anyone. No way. It's this link that made me see the possibilities.

One could drive by famous places and then with viewer submitted photos you can explore special landmarks and places. Sure even the entrance to Sea World is worth a view, right. How about the route to the Zoos, or along San Antonio streets. How much of the River Walk can you see. And maybe a view from the street of a movie stars home or music idols home. The Jolly Green Giant along the highway at Blue Earth, Minn.

And that is nothing compared to the grand finale, of where to view. The gardens of England. Oh gosh, where one could begin??. And if someday they get outside inside views, [ some people could have to start restricting cameras] wouldn't that be something. It would be nice to see the street views of these places. Monets garden, drive by the Eifel tower! See big Ben from the street. Oh just wait until they get to italy.

And if it is summer, even better. The other day on Hgtv international homes, I saw the most gorgeous views of some property in spain. It had these gorgeous planter boxes mounted on the walls not under windows. The buildings siding was rock, it was so gorgeous. Worth a photo. I captured some of the views on my tv recorder. I definately wish I had paid more attention to where in spain these houses were by the sea. Maybe with a little research at their site, I am sure I could find out. Then I could try a little drive by with satellites help.

I confess to be a night time drive by viewer of some of my favorite homes by my street on the way to the market, etc. I would strain my neck looking in the window with spread curtains admiring the wall paper and her decor. Sadly she moved and the new home owners modern taste wasn't worth the view. I bet that would deter any night drive by satellite views even if well it streets. [ tee hee, But it would be nice for say the millon dollar homes or those special outlandish homes we have seen on special programs. ]

I have to find out when our town was done, there is a relatively new feature along the highway, I would like to capture as drive by.

In my own immediate area, not for publishing, I have thought of some peoples gardens who have lent it for viewing for garden showings. On of my favorite ones I slow down for nearly every time I go up the hill is not far at all from me. Too bad there is not a lake views or river views.

View Larger Map

And now if you are able to save any view you get to your hard drive and want to use these in your blogs, I wonder if there is any copy right issues to be aware of here. I guess I'll have to read a little more and see.

My daughter was home yesterday and is leaving to go back home pretty soon. We talked late in the night. I slept rather uneasy, I am hoping to catch a cat nap maybe later or at least make breakfast before she goes. So I had better sign off for now.
Thanks for stopping by today for my map madness.

just me jo

Further reading try here.

Is this how Real Estate obtains their pictures?
Road side
To view Jolly Green giant try I 90 exit 119, CR-104/Fairgrounds Rd,giant drive, and my map says 1172 us 169. On another highway view going west as you go on over pass you can look out and down and get a better view. Evidently trees are planted to obstruct the view.

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