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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No more books for me, I have plenty to read for the time Being.

Recently at the Health Care Center the book sale began in the large common area of the Basement. After work a work buddy and I began to search through the books. I started with the hard covers.
Last time I was rewarded with finding Uncle Dick Whooton novel. For me that was a real find. So now, I never ignore the hard covers there, though finding and seeing them all is a different story.
I was torn between wanting a paper back to read and a big hard cover book to use for some craft projects. Those large ones were the condensed, you know four in one books. [But nicely finished, if you know what I mean.

In the end I chose the paper backs knowing I would be returning for another look at the hard cover books.

I brought them home and resisted any start of browsing into them, because I can't put a book down, if I get drawn into them. [ I have too much to do to let myself start reading.]

Instead, I went on the internet to follow through with all my internet connections. There I find that I have plenty of reading material after all. Much more than I knew I had. There is Google readers, and books on line to read, all kinds of reading material. I mean I also knew there was a lot to read at Genea - bloggers and have from time to time. But sometimes the amount was enormous, to wade through for the time I give myself to read, so I usually posponed this sitting and reading until a better time, then I would forget shortly after. I was there this last week and my computer windows / tabs overloaded, so it cut me off. Then I went to work and forgot about it due to the work situation being so strongly on my mind.

So what reminds me now of the reading material available at geneabloggers, you ask.

It's a little long story. - Well, I was working here and at my Oldendorf / Nahrendorf blog all by a rootdigger at gmail connection. I returned to the main blog for some link or information and while searching the edit page, I saw I had comments. I published them. Like usual after publishing them, I view the blog page to see how it fits all in and if anything needs fixing, and what I might say or add to them, etc. Somehow, I forget how, I noticed I had fifteen new followers added to the one I been sporting on all my blogs through arootdigger.

Like I said at arootdigger blog, I was uplifted. I had been in a mellow mood about the Health Care Center my job changes and the atmosphere. [ Some of it self inflickted] So this sight was immediately uplifting from the previous mood. Imagine me having sixteen followers. Amazing.

I didn't do a happy dance. Nope. I had been working on a project, which I put aside right away, so I could dive into all the reading!

Did I tell you I usually have four at miminum tabs open at once? And as I started to see, who was behind all the faces.[ Farmville and well the Home page of Facebook] I just couldn't wait to explore them and Firefox can be tempermental these days. . I wanted to read, I wanted to see more. I have tried more today. My adhd keeps distracting me from finishing or exploring each one in depth. I have to say, leave their choices for another day. Leave the reading for later.

Lucky for me I had yesterday off from work, so I had the time.

So I have added myself as follower to most of them. And it will be so nice and convenient to be able to go to their blog, see what's written, what per
tains to thoughts I have on a certain day.
Isn't living in 2010 just wonderful?

I will have to keep up now with my postings. Maybe more than I had been doing just before the new year began. [ Smile] I may have to lag more at Farmville, but then I was thinking of doing that anyway. I am not sure, if I will enter their games, though, as I have so much sorting and cleaning to still do with my materials in boxes.

Cause it's just me jo to do it.

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