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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No more books for me, I have plenty to read for the time Being.

Recently at the Health Care Center the book sale began in the large common area of the Basement. After work a work buddy and I began to search through the books. I started with the hard covers.
Last time I was rewarded with finding Uncle Dick Whooton novel. For me that was a real find. So now, I never ignore the hard covers there, though finding and seeing them all is a different story.
I was torn between wanting a paper back to read and a big hard cover book to use for some craft projects. Those large ones were the condensed, you know four in one books. [But nicely finished, if you know what I mean.

In the end I chose the paper backs knowing I would be returning for another look at the hard cover books.

I brought them home and resisted any start of browsing into them, because I can't put a book down, if I get drawn into them. [ I have too much to do to let myself start reading.]

Instead, I went on the internet to follow through with all my internet connections. There I find that I have plenty of reading material after all. Much more than I knew I had. There is Google readers, and books on line to read, all kinds of reading material. I mean I also knew there was a lot to read at Genea - bloggers and have from time to time. But sometimes the amount was enormous, to wade through for the time I give myself to read, so I usually posponed this sitting and reading until a better time, then I would forget shortly after. I was there this last week and my computer windows / tabs overloaded, so it cut me off. Then I went to work and forgot about it due to the work situation being so strongly on my mind.

So what reminds me now of the reading material available at geneabloggers, you ask.

It's a little long story. - Well, I was working here and at my Oldendorf / Nahrendorf blog all by a rootdigger at gmail connection. I returned to the main blog for some link or information and while searching the edit page, I saw I had comments. I published them. Like usual after publishing them, I view the blog page to see how it fits all in and if anything needs fixing, and what I might say or add to them, etc. Somehow, I forget how, I noticed I had fifteen new followers added to the one I been sporting on all my blogs through arootdigger.

Like I said at arootdigger blog, I was uplifted. I had been in a mellow mood about the Health Care Center my job changes and the atmosphere. [ Some of it self inflickted] So this sight was immediately uplifting from the previous mood. Imagine me having sixteen followers. Amazing.

I didn't do a happy dance. Nope. I had been working on a project, which I put aside right away, so I could dive into all the reading!

Did I tell you I usually have four at miminum tabs open at once? And as I started to see, who was behind all the faces.[ Farmville and well the Home page of Facebook] I just couldn't wait to explore them and Firefox can be tempermental these days. . I wanted to read, I wanted to see more. I have tried more today. My adhd keeps distracting me from finishing or exploring each one in depth. I have to say, leave their choices for another day. Leave the reading for later.

Lucky for me I had yesterday off from work, so I had the time.

So I have added myself as follower to most of them. And it will be so nice and convenient to be able to go to their blog, see what's written, what per
tains to thoughts I have on a certain day.
Isn't living in 2010 just wonderful?

I will have to keep up now with my postings. Maybe more than I had been doing just before the new year began. [ Smile] I may have to lag more at Farmville, but then I was thinking of doing that anyway. I am not sure, if I will enter their games, though, as I have so much sorting and cleaning to still do with my materials in boxes.

Cause it's just me jo to do it.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Home made Marshmallows!

I was browsing a newly discovered blog [ Maisy's], which had a cup of hot chocolate and home made Marshmallows. And wow, I did not know there was such a thing commonly made at home. So of course like a term paper, but with delight, I was off to check this out. You have to get your mighty google tool and away you go.

I have been told that the most visited place will be at the top of a googled page, so I guess I started there.
Actually it was located further down on the web page, because of the list of ingredients, I will start here. gives ingredients as:

Homemade Marshmallows:

3 tablespoons (3 packets) powdered gelatin*

2 cups cold water

2 cups sugar

2 egg whites**

2 cups confectioners' sugar, sifted, plus more for dusting pan and marshmallows

Butter, for greasing pan


Ahhh egg whites is the clue, were going to swirl these and bake like meringue right.

Nope, we leave them sit out for at least three hours. If you know me I have bragged about this delicious Peanut butter, Chocolate Pie with raw eggs, and I have then already told you that I quit making it for the reason of the raw eggs. I was at a standstill as to how to change it. Perhaps, if we consume them all right away there is less risk of Salmonella. Refrigeration and drying maybe don't mix.
Sounds fairly good to me. My favorite valentine's day pie was made with moms fresh eggs. [A Pillsbury recipe]

--Google Food network produces Al Brown --


  • 3 packages unflavored gelatin
  • 1 cup ice cold water, divided
  • 12 ounces granulated sugar, approximately 1 1/2 cups
  • 1 cup light corn syrup
  • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup confectioners' sugar
  • 1/4 cup cornstarch
  • Nonstick spray

And this time a mixture is cooked then set for four hours or even overnight. I wonder if there is the bad corn syrup in purchased Marshmallows.

-- Joy of Baking.

-- From Slash food --

Uses corn syrup. And the makes it Picture look oh so yummy.

--And a huge endorsement, maybe from Oprah --

Oprah and Martha Stewart's name involved at this site:

Homemade Marshmallows

  • 2 1/2 tablespoons unflavored gelatin
  • 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
  • 1 cup light corn syrup
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons pure vanilla extract
  • Confectioners' sugar (for dusting)
Sounds like a great plan if you want something nice for valentines day, and just maybe you don't even have to leave the house if you keep a well stocked kitchen.

My Comments
My first thought besides the hot chocolate, was, do they use these in Rice Crispie Marshmallow treats? How are they in S-mores.? They claim the store purchased ones are tasteless and these have something more. That is reason enough I think to try it. Will I personally, maybe if I need them quick sometime, at Thanksgiving and Christmas and my supply is all dried up. Maybe. Well the reason is because I never dipped much into meringue type whipping in cooking, since i have been doing my stiring by hand most of the time. That was up until last year and then hubby gave me a mixer. But still I am going to let you try it and tell me true, okay.
just me jo.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Springs Scheme of Things to show for the Spring Garden

I thought I would study a little at this photo and maybe muse a little at the possibilities for the little bed for this coming spring. [ I wish I had more pictures to illustrate this] It is my sunniest spot on the whole property, if I can keep my weedy tree in check.

It's pretty, it catches my eye, I really like how it turned out. But I have taken note that my eye uses and incorporates that background chair 'stuff' as a lavender or even blue lavender color and maybe this has to be worked in as a flower or object of right texture as well at precisely the similar location for the proper view.

I am attracted to this because of the Peony and mostly because of the dark fragrant lily. I am mentally questioning this scheme, because I failed to plant my lily bulbs last fall. I am hoping to find those again in pots like last year at Bobolink nursery. I did plant some assorted lily bulbs the year before last year which turned out to be a different color. I was able to enjoy these in other parts of the garden, as well. [ One doesn't know the colors until they bloom in the fall.] I am hoping they emerge satisfactorily again this year.

you know that dark bulb lily planting will bloom in the late summer early fall season, and will it fit with it's scheme of Fall of whites and Purples? The color maybe would only work thrown in a pot at the proper time to be brought out to grow and bloom perfectly with spring. [ Or should I indulge in these loved color schemes each in entirely different spaces?] Though, easily enough the same scheme could be converted to fall by changing out the Hesperis Matronalis to White Phlox, [ Perhaps the vivid pink shades] and going for a Rose in the color of the Peonie. [ a real challenge to find it] Not to rule out delphinium rebloom, Dahlias and the Monkshood shades of some flowers.

If only that peony would get bigger faster, I could divide it and spread it out more. Last year it sported three blooms. I think it may need more nourishment?

I did find a Hardy Geranium last year, which I added near this plot. I forget if I thought it matched. It's name and color was new to me. But close enough to maybe supply a repeat necessary of the bright color. And ohh how I was in love with an azelea I found once while spring shopping for just one azelea. I chose white, but I wanted one that sported a color similar to this Peonie or Lily. [ I am not remembering if this is the stargazer lily or if it has a different name]

Yes, I am attracted to this scheme. [ A collection of the garden bed plans in your yard can get so there is no variations of color, though ] I seem to be always creating these two - three week views and then they are done. I am not sure why I do that. It's true, though, most of them are based around one dominant items time of bloom. So are all destined to be maybe upcoming projects? . Or just viewed for that particular timeand location and make the green design of it important for the rest of the time and move on the next three week design in it's three weeks of bloom in another location. Enjoy it for that and move on again? . Hopefully not all in the same blooming time. [Could be spring except for my lavender and white late summer/ fall scheme!]

As the yellow dominant color summer scheme unfolds I can then remove the pots to another part of the garden. Our colors later in the summer would be the Annabelle Hydrangea with it's white and lime green; May Nights Purple Salvia; East Friesland dark purple Salvia; White Delphiniums; White Heseperis Matronalis coming up all during the early summer. Some sport the right light blush of pink hue.

Spring Schemes
Each year to add more of the spring blush of pink and white; I had added the lovely foxgloves. and each year I hope they bring forth the little seedlings the next year [one can only hope]. The foxgloves are just dreamy in those magenta colors and the lovely whites.. [ Love, Love them.]

At the extreme sides and behind on the right will bloom the Purple and Yellow Iris. Closer though is a Iris, which blooms as it turns out in the ugliest dusky pink color that I have ever seen. [ It had to be a mistake with the labels in the pot, when I purchased it.]. Perhaps irises could be replaced in a form of the maybe Cesear bro. siberian iris in the right shade of purple or even some of my white Irises would work well here. [ I have been looking for some like I see in catalogs, but won't get them until I see them in front of me.]

Would I be tempted to throw in some small Shirley Poppies and the wild oxeye Daisy in the perimeters just to complicate the scheme? Yes, definately, should I. [** hmm Perhaps the double poppies carry the right color.] Also there is a Further complication back by the yellow iris will grow the wild flower in it's blue hue used for it's root for a substitute of coffee. And through caution to the wind with white like monkey grass?

Spring Schemes - Paler colors, Maybe of the Magenta color.
Still though, I love this [in photo below] Paler lavender and pinks scheme of colors, no matter the season.
As for less purple tints in colors like the May night salvia, maybe more lavender color in the spring, possibly the balloon flower [Which sports white as well], lavender to Purple Delphiniums [ which can bloom twice] We find all shades in the Irises for early summer. [ Should I add bell flowers, balloon flowers, Campanulas]

As summer unfolds the bed sports pretty yellow flower echoeing the yellow irises above this bed you can see the Irises captured in a photo at the right.

Once the peony blooms, that scarlet color is gone. I was thinking of adding more of that same scarlet burgundy color the only possibly for that I think is a Rose for summer and maybe a close hue in the Dahlias in the fall. and in the annuals I have seen it in the Carnation family. Possibly for Petunias or geraniums in the pot. I believe I have seen a new hardy geranium sporting this hue. Hopefully there is some flowers I have overlooked in those colors. [But as I say all this will the color work as it goes from spring to early summer, middle Summer and late summer, and then fall. a subject for another posting I am sure]]

That does seem to be the major problem gardening scheming holds for me. An ongoing process. I think it stems from copying this one and that one I admire from pics I have seen. And then not thinking them through for each season. It will take time to fix it if I want. But it could be done. Right?

Chris_Sevigne work at right.

She has a lovely blog -
Roses in the Gardens
He said this:

Last year I saw Lori posted a picture of a combination of some of my favorite plants: Roses, hardy geraniums, Allium Christophii and Nigella. I already used this combination in my own garden, but I saw that using a little more Nigella created a very airy, dreamy effect. Very, very pretty! And great inspiration, that is easy to create in your garden. I prefer the blue flowered Nigella, but the white ones are also useful. Nigella is great to use in bouquets. Most often the seed capsules are used and they can be dried too. I prefer not to let them selfseed in the fall. It is possible to get Nigella to last longer, if you sow 4 weeks in between. Oh - and do get yourself some more of those pretty Allium Christophii next fall!

Hat tip to Lori for inspiring me (and hopefully you) to sow more Nigella. The rose in her picture is the bourbon rose; Madame de Sévigné, A repeatflowering old garden rose. Other roses I recommend using in this combination could be the Austin roses: Alan Titchmarsh or Princess Alexandra of Kent.

Another favorite lovely picture of variation of the flower colors white; variation of magenta; and the lavender color; and all the colors in between [ smile]

season I am also looking to plant more of that lavender
catmint that I planted last year. It looked fantastic there. [ I Needto see how large or tall it gets] Also more of the color seen in the peony in the picture above. Probably it will come from Roses. I just reminded myself of how in love I was with the dahlias last year at the farmers market. Mixed in with purples and other pretty flowers.

If I get some Easter lilies and cut them off and plant them, they should be blooming in time for the fall. In the photo above those alliums are just dreamy to die for.! [sigh]
And the dominant color to me is not a scarlet burgundy color, but a gorgeous different color. [Similar to the Dahlias in the photos above.]

Maybe, I should sow some
Alysum seed in little jiffy pots, I am not sure, if I have the hoped for room to do so. But, If i go out and sow in middle to late April, I could take a chance on my luck. It just burns me to buy the irresistible plants in the spring, when they are so easy to throw together to plant, if only I just thinks a little ahead of time.

Well, I think, I kind of know what I want to look for now at least for this little plot in the big backyard landscape. And possibly one of a similar note hinted / mentioned above. In my catalogs and the nursery plant lists of what they carry. I can bet out my colored pencils and draw up a little pattern chart of the colors, placement in my design and can decide more so after that.

What do you think, so far. If you have suggestions, ideas feel free to give them to me by commenting down below. I love discussions on gardening.


Nursery Store
With that in mind, there is
Good news, I dropped in to the nice practical logical local garden BOBOLINK nursery site online. First off, everyone says ohh you mean that red barn store. They do not remember "bobolink", but "red barn".

I noticed they advertised a ten per cent off coupon. So I am going to spread the word. What' s that fifty cents of of a five dollar plant. Better than nothing I guess. Oh, I know they have specials, and well so does fleet farm and the Market Place.

It's just that they built big or so it seems with all new store and land. and that means they have huge bills to pay back. I am a firm believe in buying my products locally, but well, l when it comes to plants, you better deliver the products, cause there is always the trusty mail delivery.

I miss the old Plant store at Stout Road. I knew what he would carry, but I stopped in now and then to see if any new perennials came in. I stopped in to see a plant in bloom to see if I liked the color or if it would fit in my scheme of things. Or I should say to see if I could resist something new. I also stopped in to study his often breath taking arrangements of his pots.

Since I did not take the local newspaper, I didn't know the sales. I have found that it is too bad more people did not advertise in what is free advertisement of shopping available to us at our price. Yes, free papers with the ads is great! Or online. But it's no help, if I your up town and want to stop in to check the sales with out running all over town. Fleet farm used their freely available brochure as does K mart.
Walmart's just does not come often enough and regularly.

I decided to see, if the new local nursery has posted a prospective plant list, so us Gardner's can decide, if we want to get it there or if we must order our plants. After all, there are free plants in the deal if we do so early enough. Of course they are not as big and lush and expensive as theirs. Though our catalog plants can be as nice in a few years.

When I got to their home site, I found a great site.An
About us [ couple on the retail side of life] and something under every category, except a prospective plant list. And yes their main angle and goal is permanent plants and a supply of the most popular annuals. By permanent plants, I mean shrubs and trees.

Actually the lack of the prospective plant list means and explains it all to me. Just like the popular plant catalog, there is the basics. Occasionally the nurseries offer the new breeds, but it will be properly zoned and you can be sure if you do the right care, it will survive. the basic perennials you find also at Walmart, Kmart and Fleet Farm.

You can tell their angles immediately. There are plants in rows and categories and some selected few regularly displayed together around a landscape feature as all good stores would do. But arrangements were not their game. Not at this new stage, anyway. I am not sure if they even do so, if asked.

And don't get me wrong, I know this is good business. I visited
Arnies regularly too in the past years. He would be very helpful, even look up a plant for you in his books, etc. I loved his selections of Begonias and a few different flowers. I liked the Yard decorations they had on hand. And it all seemed to be at common prices. When the new owners took over, they added many more quality decor items, and prettied up the place. Suddenly with out comparing prices, I felt like it was more pricey. I am not saying it was. It just felt that way because of the new set up. And well I saw very few displays than I had expected to come from such a set up.

I am always checking our local Fleet farm for fountains and ornaments that go in the garden. I mean benches, statues, etc. to see if they fit into my low beer budget of coarse.

Budget shopping
How I shop now is by budget. Over the years I limited myself to just a few splurges, cause I can't resist the pink or purple of the plant. Now I know I need to
preplan my pots and beds. Cause I am going to limit myself to just a few carefully selected plants. It's all I can do now since my budget is extremely low these years. For some plants on my scheme of things, I just have to wait until the next year.

I see I failed to plant my lily bulbs, so I am hoping to find those pictured above again in pots like last yea
r, I would order the bulbs but never order them full grown. I might seed a few plants if I can find the proper space.

I like the atmosphere of Menards for some reason, their new store. I like the running water and the chirping birds. There at Bobolink it is missing something. And it's a barn! Bobolink had running water, it was very roomy and nice inside.

I happened on to a fantastic store in Hudson area one year, and loved it. Loved the atmosphere and loved the unusual perennials I found. the same for the stores i visited in Minnesota whenever I had a chance. I think it's the fountains, running water, roses,
Mandelas and such and the atmosphere. It's not like a fleet farm, Kmart, walmart experience. And believe me if the color is right with the right price I am there and will be of course.

I think I shall be looking now for the right rose bushes, and some bulbs and the new lilies with ruffled edges. And that is half the fun. The dreaming and planning that goes with the planting and chores. Last year this store had the old standbys that get me every time. Oriental lilies, forgetmenots, foxgloves, unforgettable Delphiniums.
I am only going to name a few. But nowhere could I find the white Delphiniums. Until Late Walmart had huge ones in amazing range of colors.[ I was so pleased I broke my budget to get some, and I guiltyily knew I could plant the seeds.]

And well we are influenced by the media we have filed away in our minds, are we not. The shopping depends on what we read or saw on say the new James Dury show. My ideas are developed from the favorite glossy magazines at the grocery stores [ The garden store could sell those kind of magazines], gardening shows [few to find] on television. Hgtv message boards, other online sites, and from the great pics on my favorite blogs.


I reminded myself of how in love I was with the dahlias last year at the farmers market. They were Mixed in with purples and other pretty flowers. I am also remembering the combination of some of these and the display they had of zinnias weeks before. That is the perfect fall flower for a different look altogether. , I don't believe Zinnias were in the pic below.

I am also looking for roses inother colors than stated above. But in the colors so many brides select that of the clear light pinks, wonderful darker Pinks. Not Barbie blue pink or mauve pink, or the funny colors some of the new hardy roses sport. Also some small white Delphiniums, which I may have to order, because i saw them no where last year. Sometimes a label doesn't specify color??? It'sa gamble at the right price, probably. [Walmart as I stated above.] They had been so plentiful the year before in the plant store in the old Dairy Queen building. Oh how I loved that store for selection. I think though it seemed so wonderful, because everything was crammed in together and in bloom in the sun.

So expect a few reports back here about sites and examples I see that fit the bill of plants and Ideas I have in mind for spring.

And well all the schemes of the spring gardens are for later still. So until then, I'll be signing off. Right now, if I had a foolish ambition, I would be running to
walmart or Kmart floral to see if they have any flowers I like. Usually about now, there are hard to resist pinks of all sorts in the small azelea bushes. Sooo very hard to resist.

Credits: The two unidentified photos I have been carrying with me for quite awhile. I am drawn to them over and over. I only kept them to help myself find something as lovely as the picture. If I had proper location to give credit I would. I know Christ Sevigne is attached to the photo of one and I failed to get her permission. She just might have some communication through Photo Bucket. And I am not sure if it is embedded in the other. I purposely kept the photo so very small because of that issue. I carry them here to say how lovely they are and that I use them to illustrate my hope and dream for my spring planting.

Note: proper term of hue and tint must be learned.

just me jo signing off from a long blog about hopes and dream schemes for her spring garden. It probably will be edited to shorten it again.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Print not printing so great at this blog.

I went to print off this blog and one of my other ones. The print was so light it couldn't be seen. As much as I like that blue I had, I decided to change it to this darker blue, I can always go a step lighter if I want. With the dark background I did like how it looked. At least I did not use white type. I shall probably be experimenting with colors to find the best for my taste and show.

Actually this blog is mostly stuff you wouldn't want to save or print off, so I am not too worried about it. Pictures are what they are. So that's why the change.

On the other hand, Miss Martha Is Said to have Married A Saint!

Iss Martha married a Saint.

I tell you, it's true. It says so at the Latter Day Saints church page.
Martha Burgess married Thomas Saint.
Married 4 January 1727/8. See for your self Here.

Okay I took liberties with names. but didn't they? Just look here.

Worse here.

Well enough fun for one day. I know they were Indian names, and serious to boot. I guess you'll never take me serious now, huh?

As for love and lack of love read here.

Poor Minnie Meyer, She Married A Worm

were arranged in those days. You married whom ever your parents selected for you. If He was a Worm, then you go to your grave and are buried with the Worms. [Smile] The Worms got her.

His parents and Grandparents were naturally, Worms themselves.

Minnie [Wilhelmine] Meyers
Sex F.
Birth * about 1840 Germany
Parents unknown.

Carl August Worm

Buried at South Joseph, Indiana

Father Hinnrich Henry August Worm
Mother Hanna [Anna] Dorothea Catherine Danielsda or Danielowsk

Well with all the Victorian hearts and flowers, I just felt like taking a small break before I begin my Victorian sweetness. From ohh so nastiness to sweet. Won't it seem more sweet when I begin with hearts and flowers and lots of sugar? Hopefully it's a little nastiness with humor. I apologize to the Worm family I just hope they can take Jokes. Now speaking of Jokes Yokes we have a few in our family tree. tee hee. It's definitely true.

For more like this photo you must visit here.
Tell her how much I appreciate her generosity.
just me jo

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I will have a little more spare time again to blog!

A few posts down I showed some pictures of my new position. I am afraid it only lasted a month. Now I return to my old position because the other girl returned to her old position. So I am part time again, and on nights. I am not sure what they all have done with my job. But I think the boss has been doing it and will be glad to give it back to me.

I suppose I won't mind the change they have made. I hope.

I now I can spend the time I now have back wisely. Cleaning and finnishing up my paper work. I want to be done by spring. Maybe later I will work on improving my blogs, even consider getting another part time job if there are any. ,