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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Touching up a photograph

Silhouettes from a photograph.
Maybe if I touch up this creation a bit more, I can use it for a Valentines card. There is something off at the eye level and I suppose I could fill in the blouse to make it a true Silhouette. At her facebook account, her hair is longer. There maybe should be hair at the sides of the chin. And her bangs are a fringe not thick.
At this stage it is her. Maybe not one hundred percent accurate.

The basic photo I turned into a drawing. I whited out the background. Should I keep in the bulky sweater or alter it. I suspect it may not be too flattering with the hunch and the sweater.
Below is the untouched photo as a black and white drawing.

I think this results from another photograph, but very similar. We can see already the forehead is not correct nor is the hair length.

Not sure how well it is done, but it is nearly done. I am unsure about the forehead and well the shoulders. She had on such a bulky sweater.


Her again, which might be worth a try for the longer hair look.

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