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Monday, January 18, 2010

There is joy in moments of time. So I am sharing Joy today!

My lovely daughter at the left. I hope she doesn't mind that I edited out all the useless garbage from the picture and made it just about her. I believe her inner beauty was released at the time of this photo taking.

She kept telling me about this scenic spot that she thought I would like. Had I not cancelled out that summer, I would have seen this in person. I would have loved to be there and then sad, that it was not close for me to drop by and enjoy it any time I wanted. She is so lucky to be able to do so. It was sweet of her to share them with me.

Shown here is the suspension bridge over the Falls.

This was my cropping and changing, cause I liked the blue of the water when I did it this way. I did darken up her efforts I guess I like the greeness of the foilage.

She does pretty good with her camera. Take a look at this well centered photo below of the beautyful falls and rocks which I love. I love how you can see down into the water. I am sure it is a wonderful place to be when you want to unwind and relax.

Now I can visit it here, when ever My little ol heart desires.

In this bottom picture I caught her in a female moment with her cousins child. The child is the first great grandchild of my husbands parents and is a grandchild of my husbands brother. [She is now much older.]

I love playing with the editing program I have. After christmas she and I had entered our pictures into it, That's how I ended up with hers with mine. That was a lovely unexpected gift.

Here's one more I had fun editing.

I love the cartoon fun effect. It makes the baby seem so doll like.

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