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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Serving the Residents at the Health Care Center.

I thought maybe you were due for a little update on the posting I did awhile back on the Serverie at the Health Care Center. At the first of the year I took on the full time position serving breakfast and dinner in that little Serving area on the second floor. It also extends to serving an outer cafe not in the room. There is a second one the same way on the first floor.
I'll refresh your memory a bit, if that's all right.

This is inside the small kitchen serving area. The Cna's come in and wait on the residents who sit along this wall at the five tables. It is very close and warm in here. At the earliest it is usually the men who like to be at the hub of action.

The table is set up pretty much like we do, only three place settings and there are the sugar shakers [ substitute as well] with the salt and pepper shakers. And where the red spot is marked is usually a decoration.

As much as I enjoyed waitressing many years ago in Minnesota, I am behind the counter in this little corner instead. The needs are still met behind the carts.

See the x spots that is where I stand. I marked that just for you. On the right is the sink by the Refrigerator, which I have to keep my cottage cheese, applesauce, assorted fruit, salads, and special juices and such. The Cna's are not allowed past the Refrigerator door area, except to wash their hands with the sanitizer. So I have to get the juices and ice cream. [ I try to have some juices on a tray in the Refrigerator ] At the left is the Freezer for our waffles and Ice creams. it is pretty cramped quarters. When I make the coffee. which is slightly to the left of the Juicer, I have to watch myself and my feet. In Front of the Refrigerator is the two carts containing glasses, special needs, trays, mats, milk in a special tub. On these trays I do Room trays off of tickets submitted by Cna's.

If I am not considered a Screwup on the job and if my body can take this eight hour day, I hope to remain in this position until I retire. As you know there are budget cuts in the counties all over united states and we are no exception. We really could use a bit more time. I still have to hastily wash up pots and pans after coming down from each Meal.

Note: The county administrator has plans to build little buildings [greenhouse pods] to go with the main building. Also, he would like to have all related buildings in a cluster. His ideas is so that there would be less travel expense for county employees during their day. And it keeps them close at hand in the area for the others in the cluster. He will not say, but I believe the employee count would be thus reduced. See more on Green house Retirement homes.

My travel expense is not reimbursed. Is yours?

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