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Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am going to be making my own flavored yogurt.

Do you like flavored yogurts. Yogurt is really better for us than some other sweets that we might select. Tasty Donuts, Cookies. etc. Were you concerned about modified corn starch and tricalcium phosphate?

I have noticed in the stores some special flavored yogurts emerging each holiday. I became particularly fond of certain ones, but they are gone before you can stock up with more. For instance in October and before Thanksgiving, I could find the Pumpkin spice flavored yogurt. [A flavor also yummy as a shake and as pumpkin fluff.] Since they are loved and gone so soon, I have been thinking of making my own. [Why deprive myself, right? ]

At Christmas all I could find left was the sugar cookie flavored yogurt. I had a tiny bit left and mixed it in my pumpkin spice fluff. I also added in a bit of my premade purchased whipped cream cheese frosting. I suppose it was loaded with calories, but it was tasty enough for me!

I had a friend who used to make her own Yogurt. Rose and her sister Lola were pretty thrifty and health conscious. [I had quite a few thrifty people in my life, wish some of that could have rubbed off on me. I speak of rose mainly here because she did make yogurt.]

Well I don't think I would go that far to make my own flavored yogurt. I have been thinking that I could surely flavor up some purchased plain yogurt for myself. I particularly want to do up a pumpkin spice or even that cola one I sampled. [ Hmm Pepsi flavored or Dr. pepper, or even coffee flavor???.]

So browsing this morning for methods of making some, I thought I would share with you one or two sites I found.
In this one it suggests placing the flavoring at the bottom, such as fruit preserves. You can extra sweetener if you go for the lowest sugar blends such as you find in the jelly department. Also if using purchased yogurt to mix it in.

I particularly would like to make up some of my own pumpkin pie spice yogurt. I understand you can mix in your own fruit. An old banana or left over fruit blend it and even end up with a smoothie mixture. I read that canned pie fillings work well.

Note: I read that some if closed and refrigerated might last up to eight days. I am not sure about with the added fruit.
Note: Raw carrot yogurt. tossed salad yogurt. !!

I wonder if it would still be cost effective to maybe using purchased vanilla yogurt instead of very plain. Or try Vanilla extract. Can use Crystal light flavoring for bottled water. Flavorings for coffee has been suggested. Unsweetened drink mixes. [ perhaps koolaide,. [My idea is bits of saved powder of Jello from the package.]

And at this address the writer discusses making their own homemade yogurt.

Extra tips and ideas here.

Honey Instead of sugar?
Use for marinating meat!
Green monster - tastes like Pumpkin pie.
Want chewy add pumpkin flax Granola [ There is cereal like that, but not granola.]
While here at this link check out the sweet potato and chick peas. I am coming back later to check on that recipe.

Note: Avoid Grape preserves cause it does not mix in well with Yogurt for some reason.

Lets get off this subject before we are suddenly onto making our own yogurt Ice cream with a ice cream maker. Because I heard if you make yogurt ice cream half the recipes for frozen yogurt call for Dannon Lo-fat™ Vanilla Yogurt. Now I really must follow up by checking on purchasing some small containers for storage of my goodies to take for breaks.

When I perfect my receipe for myself, I can share it, if you like. I can't promise it will be diet or healhy, but I should try since diabetes is probably waiting for me around the corner.

just me jo.

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