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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Was Missing One Chritmas Gift of One Million Bucks

Heres how the event went.
I just couldn't make it to shop Black Friday to get the good deals in games and videos. So I had made up my mind to gift money, which they would need anyway after all the christmas shopping they had to do. I think they still have something to open if I can present this in an interesting and creative way.

Then I didn't make it to the bank on the few days before Christmas. No big deal, so I wrote a check. I have done so before.
and took out one of these specially purchased Chocolate Candy wrapped in wrappers that says "1,000,000 BUCKS" or "1 Million Bucks" from my wooden train car. I folded it in half length wise and folded it until if fit the package molded shape.

I dropped one into my daughters large bag first to be on the bottom. I did not add the tissue until much later, since as usual, I have to hunt for hidden away gift items purchased earlier in the year. Or some last week. I think I need to get a 'designated spot'. [Because two different gifts are still 'lost in space' from purchases earlier in the year.] I wanted Snuggies for the kids and possibly the sons girlfriend, but I failed to go to the Drug store. So DH. got them for me on Christmas eve day.

I had already did my sons, but I wasn't sure what was what with a couple extra items . As I had a couple extra people to gift and maybe even a mother of a nephews girlfriend. I didn't make that many cookies and candy, so I couldn't give that either.
So I shuffled and rearranged sacks a bit for the son. I kept the same gift sack the same for the daughter.

Long story now getting short. When they opened their sacks, neither child found the gifted money carefully wrapped in the Million Bucks chocolate wrapper. It was not to be seen. I looked around. I said one was on a white bow, and another was on a red bow. I rewrote them. And I told them if they found the original one, they get to keep it.

Late christmas night the daughter told me she found hers attached to a white bow.

Maybe I had thoughts of visions of the son coming back and vacuuming and picking up more around the dining area in hopes he would find the missing Million Buck. Nahhh that did not happen.

As I was filming this story, I found the second one. I felt like I found a lucky million bucks.

It was behind the box of my gifts and on the floor between the wrapping paper.

On the back of a bow which was not Red, but Green.

Mystery Solved.

Monday, December 27, 2010



Time for Prayer before the meal which comes first.

She loves her gift from Crystal. A Hooded frog towel.

Special gifts.
SheShe gave her a Camera, which she evidently loved.

Correne watching her husband Ron

Old favorites new again.

Rockem / Sockem

This couple from Milwaukee said they had not gotten as much snow as we did.

The little photographer gets into action.

Nic gave his friend Crystal a gift that she will use in her graphics endeavors. She had to work hard at opening it. Nic has a sense of fun.

Party is over. Christmas is Done for us. I hope you had a good one.

Thursday, December 23, 2010




Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I want to leave something for Rudolph!

So your all ready for Christmas

Are you?

You have your story books for later.
You have something for your child to leave by the tree for Santa Claus.

But, What if your child says
I want to leave something for the Reindeer.

No problem, right,?
We all have Apples, carrots in the refrigerator. I think they would suffice.

Hmmm why does Santa get the good stuff. How about a little dessert for Rudolph.
I mean I know for a fact that they would love a few phlox, or tulips, maybe some petunias. But they happen to be out of season.
Maybe your special houseplant might be what they would want. But I am not sure about that. Most house plants are off limits around cats, and so I am not sure about deer. I think cut flowers are your best bet.

To be really safe and ready, I think I would have a bouquet of Lilies or roses. Then all you would have to do is leave one out [thorns removed of course]. I know for a fact it's their dessert. Santa will love your family for it. And where is there a better reason to have a bouquet around for Christmas.
No Problem.

Have a beautiful Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

For Genealogists.-- Books - articles on Agriculture ; Stock raisers and Breeders- Hybrids and Pedigrees

Treasures and joy at an antique shop.
Once while I was returning east from somewhere over a three hour trip, I stopped for gas at a RED BArn Antique shop for a little break from driving. It was located in an area not far from Baldwin, and maybe not in the jurisdiction of Baldwin city. . It also had a little cafe known for their delicious pies. [I like to make little stops along my way to my destinies, which never happens when I travel with my husband, so I guess it's a little treat or incentive I give myself for taking the long trip alone.]

I searched among the rows and rows for my one treasure I would take home for the day. I can't even remember what it was I purchased that day, sorry. But as I handed my check to the clerk and we off handily conducted that business of identification, etc, you know the drill; the clerk noted my name and asked me, if we were the ones, who raised such and such breed of cattle. [sorry I have forgotten the breed] I was surprised that anyone would know my husbands surname. This lady knew because they also raise the same cattle. I have since learned that a few of my husbands other cousins did indeed live further west of there! As I was telling my husband and wondering what uncle had this special breed of cows, I realized too it was his dairy farming uncle Mick and aunt Ann who lived many miles east of Baldwin. And it was true of course they stuck to that special breed of cattle that not everyone had.

I have told you before, it was the same for my grandfather at the Sunnyslope Farm who had a special breed of sheep. You can read about it at the link.

Just as I know other farmers and breeders have their special likes and dislikes of certain breeds of various animals they raise. It can be swine, horses, hunting dog, cats, pets, etc. They have recorded history or record associations, International livestock exposition. Sometimes something called a Herd book, Stud book.

This Post may as it goes further may sound like a repeat, but it 's not. Not exactly anyway.
I just have to bring to your attention anyway the advantages I find in google book search. It's something Minute as a book on the breeds of various livestock - [sheep or cattle,swine or hogs]. some farmers had their minds set on favorite kinds of Hybrid or breeds of animals.

The American Shire horse stud Volume 7 - Page 403Charles Burgess- American Shire Horse Association - 1910

Duroc-Jersey Swine Record Association: Volume 61 - Page 7
V1 QUEEN'S BRIDE— Farrowed April
18. 1917. In litter 9, raised — hoars 0. sows 6 Bred by EE Handley. Carroll. Iowa, sold to JH Saucke.

The Iowa engineer: Volumes 7-8 - Page 130Iowa State College - 1907
>Fred Coates, Farnhamville, Iowa. FAB Paterson, Fairmont, Minn. Enamel Concrete Co., Des Moines, Iowa. Orin Ruffcorn, Des Moines, Iowa. HF Flanagan, Des Moines, Iowa. Electric Cement Post Co., Lake City, Iowa. RE Smith, Lake City, Iowa.

Iowa engineer: Volumes 5-7 - Page 103Iowa State University, Iowa State College - 1905 - Full view
CALHOUN COUNTY WL Skinner, Farnhamville. Earl Skinner, Farnhamville. CARROLL COUNTY 0. W. Carpenter, Coon Rapids. CASS COUNTY Milo II. Cook, Griswold. CEDAR COUNTY R. Brewer, Lowden. CS Hollingsworth, W. Branch CERRO GORDO COUNTY Geo. ...

Once while I was browsing through books like these, I was surprised to see names of place in England and Germany poping up as Breeders /Hybrid suppliers for people in Churdan, Farnhamville.and other towns. I never seem to run enough of them through a search.

And I have found special advertisements through google search of certain special breeds of dogs, say for hunting or some other aspect they are known to have. Breeders associations, the breeders or sellers have lived in villages I have a special interest about to wade through hyprids and pedigree charts, but well we are used to those, aren't we? . Unless I make an effort to search into these aspects, I won't know. It is time consuming though, to just broadly search the names of your towns. Should I call it fun?

I have looked newspapers sources over for ancestors name not nearly enough, often useing quotes or phrases, but next time I am going to remember that articles have been written in the past about the farms and livestock of our farming ancestors. I see too, that they don't have to live in rural areas.
United Lutheran Church in America - 1899 - Full view
Richter, Prof F Clinton, Iowa. Richter, FL, Fargo, Cass co. N Dak. Richter, HR, Denham, Pulaski co, Ind. Richter, Otto C, Evansville. III. Richter, Otto E, Melrose, Minn. Richter, Wni, Appleton City, Mo. Rickels, Farnhamville, Iowa. ...

1911 - Full view
Residence Perry, nativity Iowa. Enlisted April 30, 1898, as Second Corporal. Mustered May 25, 1898. Mustered out Oct. 30, 1898, Des Moines, Iowa. McVay, Charles. Age 28. Residence Farnhamville. Enlisted July 2, 1898. ...

No cover image
Iowa. Secretary of State - 1892 - Full view
... in Twin Lakes 133 516 90 555 271 Gar fleld township lg) 482 593 233 602 697 488 208 1478 940 822 377 544 144 Reading township, including Farnhamville town 807 137 197 Twin Lakes township, including part of Roc

Jean Choate - 2002 - 232 pages - Preview
In June of 1935 the National Union Farmer carried an article on JH Saucke of Farnhamville, Iowa, who said he killed 42 pigs so that he could be in compliance with his corn-hog contract. The article, accompanied by a picture of the dea

1951 - Snippet view
Domsch, John T., Box 166, Farnhamville, Iowa. Donahue, Wm. F., 12 Du Bols Ave., Valley Stream, LI, NT Dora, Harold, B. S„ BA, R. 2, Box 6962, Redding, Calif. Dorn, Herbert P., 341 Beulah St., SE, Grand Rapids 7, Mich. ...

William H. Stennett - 1908 - 201 pages - Full view
Farnhamville, Calhoun County, Iowa. Little Lake, Marquette County, Michigan. Fennimore, Grant County, Wisconsin. Hetland, Kingsbury County, South Dakota. Lak

Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod - 1932 - Snippet view
... in St. Peter's Congregation, Farnhamville, Iowa, by AO Bleeke. — . ... NN, Iowa, Varions Missions, 8.00. NN, Michigan, Home Missions, 25.00. Rev. C. Eiss- feldt, Memorial Wreath for AG Brauer, Home Missions, 3.00. Per Dr. F. Brand, ...

Jean B. Grube - 1979 - 708 pages - Snippet view
On 24 December l884, in Dallas County, Iowa, he married Rosetta Evans, born l4 December l865, Henry County, Indiana; ... Farnhamville, Iowa; died l0 April l973, Fairmont, Minnesota. On 29 June l929, at Brownsdale, Minnesota, ...

And of course at the same time there are books bearing the names of your town other various subjects including churches and local events; Business reports; railroad reports; Associations such as Medical Associations; Insurances; Stock holders; science; Geology; Farmers co operations, farmer directories; electrical power associations; Commissioners Inventions; communication services; Libraries, Post offices Clubs; munincipal aspects; agencies; societies; Commercial and finances; Industrial; Conventions; Military; government; aspects of transportation, commerce; atlases and maps; Funeral Homes; construction; Travel, commerce; weather; state fairs; Census; unions; hunting trapping; patents; Pilgrims of Iowa; Music; homeopathic; heritage books; books of biographical nature; education aspects; bar or law associations; Historical books of other areas with one person from your village; perhaps something in the line of Agriculture - horticulture or Feed, grain or Seed. I have notice some local books are being copied. More on that at another time.

Did I leave anything out?

Good luck with your many searches.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My inspirations

After reading the last post of the new Design Star Emily Henderson; I started browsing to see what tacky ideas she was referring to that are online. As far as bamboo goes, I agree, since I am not into that look. Though I believe one can alter anything and they are hollow so there are many uses for it.

A bee comb look

I really like this look, though is it a tad bit seventies?
As usual once inspired my mind follows a path and did get into some interesting ideas with twists following some inspirations I saw online.
I have a few ideas I saw worth a comment or two.
This one from this site.

She mentioned string, and then I see possibilities of that after I saw this fence here.

I could see doing that between say two wooden vertical beams say like in a loft or a basement.

Now if your a genealogist with a complicated family tangled web, think of it done this way.

You could get as creative as you want with your materials. I was going to say with ideas with burlap, bleached burlap, canvas, painters cloth, muslin, string, cording in the sewing section, clothes line.

I love the web made of cording because the web idea made from cording ties with my tangle of family webbing idea so well.
Now especially in this Halloween day season I have been frequently thinking about the cording or a heavy string in thickness that can be very visible from a distance strung between two objects whether trees or fencing to well create a visual barrier or fencing.
My all time favorite.
by Tho Guenther
I have used this picture before and I will not do so once more to show you that it has been done. Please just follow the link of an example of others in a forest. If you don't you miss so much of my intentions today.

Okay now lets move away from the cording idea and trail along the idea of burlap. On someones blog, I saw the idea of tassels made from burlap. It was an interesting idea.

Think of again the ragged wrinkled look of tassels again with the idea of strips of thin fabric falling in streamers, flowing loosely or stiffened and weighted?? Because I have seen tassels done with rag strips as well.

Again all these ideas could be done as screens, folding or not.

Some others suggested windows and I like the idea if it was artful. by that I mean arched like window with beveled glass or even antique stained glass. Which of course would strain the budget.

If money was not such a object, I would say artistic substantial statues of some sort, similar maybe group of three or some mounted on pillars.

I know this little post is hasty and choppy. I just had to input some ideas taking off from Emily Henderson's last post on some ideas she was working out for her Design Star show series.

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Time

Farmville zynga 2009

It's time to appreciate what we have had this spring and summer.

Yellow wild violets

It's time to choose and follow the new path!

And to put it behind you and begin anew.

So long summer dreams,

And the Summer schemes

Yes, It's time to put away summer

Flowers with warm weather visions must hibernate,

Summer activities must be winter dreams when we anticipate spring.

So many chores to do!

Winter is around the corner. We have to be ready.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Are you in a rut?

Are you getting into a Rut. I have the answer. It's simple.
On the same day of every month change the side of the bed you sleep on. After awhile, you can change the day to another day.
Let me know if it helps?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sometimes don't you wish you knew what people were thinking? Or wonder what they were thinking that made them do what they did?

I took this picture of my daughter in the blue and orange [ she is further back]. This girl stranger in front knew I was taking the picture and sat there almost deliberately. There were other spots she could have sat. Perhaps her mother was going to take her picture too, I knew she could be edited out,, I stepped back and included her. Why you wonder. Because she seemed to match the daughter.

Every since the day she did that and I see the photo, I can't help but wonder what was in her mind. Was it because she knew I
could edit her out anyway.
Was she being
a little stinker? .

My daughter said there was a sign somewhere which said we were not to take single posed pictures. She thinks the girl thought I should be abiding by the rule on a sign I didn't
see at the time.
Was it because she knew I could edit her out anyway?.

I think she matched with my daughter and she knew it and felt she should be in the picture. Probably some future designer in the making.
I'll never know what she was thinking. What do you think motivated her?
Comment away!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Reflections of Ourselves

How do they reflect from you?

Is it clear, diffused, blurry, not as intended. Could it use some definitions or explanations.
~~ I think so ~~

~ It's Not Black and White On Either Side ~

Okay, so it is in this picture,but there is the gray areas too.

Today I embarrassed myself.
Yes I did, because I sent a woman almost running to her car.

Now don't judge me until you hear a little more of my side of it.
I don't think it is a matter of black and white. There is some gray area here!.

Isn't that the rule. I get a fair judgement [in my trial].

There is no Privacy if you live in town. There is nothing to stop a stranger from coming to my door and banging on it like some where there is a fire or an emergency. Unless I posted a sign that says no solicitors allowed; [I am not sure if my unwanted or wanted guest was a solicitor.] or keep an angry dog running around the front lawn; they have a right to knock on my door and try to say their piece. But do they have the right to enter my house and go to the second entrance door.
Sorry folks no answer means in grouches words "Go away! That Welcome on the mat is not meant for
Not on my day off, when I escape from people and the world to my little world in my house or my garden. When I am involved with what I want to be, how ever messy I happen to be, as I want to be, where I want to be, I will not go to the door, I will know who it is and decide. Leave your card or a message after your knock and be on your way. It's my door not yours,

The same goes for phone calls about buying something, or the elections. Leave your twenty messages and forget me. If I want more information, I have the means to know how to call back, look you up and find out for myself. Please leave me to my foolishly imagined privacy.

If however, that is not good enough for you, then by all means suffer the consequence. I did not ask for you to come to my door or dial my number , because you mistakenly believe this is a good neighbor hood to hit for donations or answers to your violating questions.

She said
"Who are you going to vote for?". She was violating my American right and I got my dander up. I could have said it's not your business, I just said disgusted unfriendly like, "I didn't know and probably wouldn't at all." Since I knew it would tick her off for sure. Perhaps a few more words about not having time for this. And away she hurried leaving me a phamphlet and crossing my name off of some list?

Well lady, if you knew me from the AFC. union, you should have identified it. Yes, I would love to know more about who to vote for, but not standing by my doorway in my very messy porch , where I had just layed the garbage bag prior.
Okay, I hinged on rude, saying I had no time, withdrawing my smiles, when I truly want to be a gracious person. I have chores, and they are still waiting now as I write. I am a christian. If I were in her shoes, how would I want tobe treated? I doubt I would be, since my knowledge is not the same as hers, and I would not think of attacking someone door to door except with the children at Halloween. Nor would I stoop to telemarketing.

Perhaps I happen to believe wrongly that you don't ask someone who, you say instead "do you have an idea or know who you want to vote for....", etc. Other wise why bother putting privacy curtains around you as you vote.

And as for predicting the election, what's to stop me from telling you I am voting for someone I have no intention of voting for in the election. It's what you deserve for violating my public privacy.

But on the other hand, could I not make more use of that opportunity that just was gifted to me.!!

I think there has got to be more ways to let people in on information, than door to door. Would I attend a brief uncomplicated voluntary nice timed meetings, probably. Would I watch something on tv, maybe, if it was well publicized and clear where it's located. If it was online. Yes definitely, if it again was exactly clear where. It costs nothing for online information.!!

I guess I have been silently debating with myself about whether I should have been posting some politics on this website. When I know so little. In order to help my occupational cause.

Hopefully, There is still time to step out and educate myself. There is still time to decide.

Now truly it is time to get that sink full of dishes done!!

Note : I really must make a sign to be near my door.
Beware of Me.
"Don't ask me, who I am going to vote for?"

Note: When editing the white is white print.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sure Enough -- Who Do YOu Think YOU ARE-- is On Tonight!

Who Do You Think You Are?

Tune in tonight at 8/7c NBC I think, for you to see Brooke Shield's find royalty in her ancestry!
YOU see emotions, research and nice scenery.

I hope you like it. Let me know what you think.

I shall edit in a place / blog I saw where you can view it online.

This site roots television offers some great entertainment viewing.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Love of the Hydrangeas. With Pink or Blue?

Click on the pictures for larger versions for a better impact. Sorry, white flowers and my camera just don't work well together.

In the last post You were shown my pink lilies. I hope to save the bulb or corm and plant them beneath the Pee Gee Hydrangea tree more in front of the bed and directly behind the chairs. . I don't always have the table in this spot. sometimes I have an umbrella standing overhead the table.

-1- Annabelle Hydrangea.
How about right in front of the Annabelle Hydrangea Bush. I do like my hydrangeas.
In some books, lavender and purple are called blue.

I know my lily plants were tall enough and beautyful, but each year, I understand that they get smaller and smaller. At a garden tour this summer, I saw some that were really full and quite the giant compared to mine.
-2- Peachy pink and yellow lilies on the giant side.
I think the trick is in the nourishment of the corms or bulbs constantly or after flowering. I should read more about it. I hope I am successful with it. I think it would be such a romantic spot then with those lilies amongst the ferns. Imagine the aroma there too from the lilies.

I coud never make up my mind if I wanted blue in that area
-3- Can not forget the best blue of the forget-me-nots.

-4- Name unknown of voilet like plant.

or If I wanted pink blends.
-Some pink annuals-
-5- Impatients

-6- Coral bells on the shorter side.

-7-- Caladiums from bulbs or corms-

- pink on the taller wild side-
-8- Astilbe flowers also comes in redder tones and whites

- or both- Tall Phlox here

-9- Short summer Phlox -it comes taller.

I suspect these Day lilies may take a bit more sun or are less tolerant of the shade in order to bloom.
-10- Daylily

I have a hydrangea that flowers pink or blue depending on the amount of acidity that it absorbs. I like both and went pink with it this year. I'll have to see if I can get a picture for you. It does get east sun dry, but you saw an amount of sun coming in on the chair so maybe it might work here. Wouldn't that be idea. I could decide the year before if I wanted pink or blue.??

I really like the look of hydrangeas and Hostas with ferns. In the -1- photo above the little flower is the lady bell, which was rather plentiful here. It deepened my love for Campanula and other shade flowers, though she can take sun as well, that's what so wonderful about her. I know that this spot is too shady for the clematis to do very well. I have one on the other side, It is just too shady. My neighbors sapling tree grew too fast and tall for my liking. [I think he pulled a fast one on me]

-11- Hydrangeas and various Hostas.

- sometimes with evergreens

-12- small evergreen
-13- Large blue evergreens.

I was just showing my pictures centering around the dilemma of having pink or blue in my sitting spot by the views of the Annabelle Hydrangea [and the taller Pee Gee Hydrangea next to the bridal wreath] bush. They do get large as you can see and may need a bit more space than I have provided. I seem to ween out any plant that reproduces into another spot. There are some newer varieties now too, I could try.

I still have my mothers memorial Snowball tree to plant yet too. I have yet to decide on where it should go.
- just me jo -

Sources : for pictures, my camera and the 2010 Garden tour, and my garden.