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Friday, October 30, 2009

My Confession of My Guilty Love Secret

.~. ~.~. OKAY, I CONFESS UP NOW ~. ~.

Yes, my love is the facebook's very popular game
....................... Farmville

Caught here is what seems to be ghostly whispers.
I am quite proud of my Halloween efforts on Farmville at facebook. It came by accident. My little miss delayed in appearance. The sparkles happens when the plants are fertilized by your friends. It turns them big and gorgeous!
What we see below is the evident love.

This is my favorite one. Missy and her black sheep.
I am very proud of my fall planting. So, can you grow tulips now!

Ghosts appear when they want, or in this case in a slow reveal of the true picture.

Well Yes I had to come back and try it again to get the tombstones. It was a fun effort. The chance was short unlike the first accidental happening. admit it was the very first time I actually wanted the browser to load slow on Farmville game application. [lol] By the time I was done, my pumpkins had withered.

This one was a lucky shot too before the pumpkins had time to decline.

Some fall harvest in their colors. I really taken by the grapes.
That's all for now. Now you know where I have been spending my blogging time. Shame on me.

If I can, I would like to come back later and make the picture more computer friendly. I'll see if I can show Jo's farm.

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