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Friday, October 30, 2009

My Confession of My Guilty Love Secret

.~. ~.~. OKAY, I CONFESS UP NOW ~. ~.

Yes, my love is the facebook's very popular game
....................... Farmville

Caught here is what seems to be ghostly whispers.
I am quite proud of my Halloween efforts on Farmville at facebook. It came by accident. My little miss delayed in appearance. The sparkles happens when the plants are fertilized by your friends. It turns them big and gorgeous!
What we see below is the evident love.

This is my favorite one. Missy and her black sheep.
I am very proud of my fall planting. So, can you grow tulips now!

Ghosts appear when they want, or in this case in a slow reveal of the true picture.

Well Yes I had to come back and try it again to get the tombstones. It was a fun effort. The chance was short unlike the first accidental happening. admit it was the very first time I actually wanted the browser to load slow on Farmville game application. [lol] By the time I was done, my pumpkins had withered.

This one was a lucky shot too before the pumpkins had time to decline.

Some fall harvest in their colors. I really taken by the grapes.
That's all for now. Now you know where I have been spending my blogging time. Shame on me.

If I can, I would like to come back later and make the picture more computer friendly. I'll see if I can show Jo's farm.

Dunn county Health Care Center - Are We Ready to eat? Not quite.

Actually it is not the full table setting. Missing is the glass of water, salt and pepper Shakers , a little center piece, and a few other things.

I realize the most striking need is a little picture or accessories on the walls. I am not sure why it has been omitted.

~~~~Working in the Serveries ~~

Working every day in the serveries, one could not help wish one had not eaten those brownies as often as one had. It is a little of a squeeze here. Unseen now , in the picture is the coffee maker which is on looking at the left of the juicer. To get to the coffee maker one has to go behind the cook to get to the coffee maker.
You see the stainless steel fridge. Now full of finger marks. [What is so good about stainless steel, I'll never know.] To the left of the stove and below it is the freezer for small amounts of ice cream in individual servings. The cook remains in front of the juicer at her stove and the helper is by the Refrigerator. There are several carts which many of the items needed for serving.

More later.

~~Serving the Retirement home Residents Resaurant style. ~~~

~~~~~~~~~~No more tray line!

I did give you a sneak peak, didn't I. Well now it is up and running. Just as we are.

Complete with a turbo combination oven that we don't all know how to run. Sometimes one cook there and a manager in to help. There is one helper is all that are there in each serveries cramped quarters. Though opening week for a few days there were more than this as they took each day to learn how to plan this scheme all out.

At the end of September we had a sit down meeting/ training with Bill Lutz at how to classy waitress/ waitor the residence as they sit at the tables. One flat palms the dishes which I never did much as a waitress in the olden days. [ I should have]

They have two tray stands for the clean food arrival and dirty dish removal. A thing I never did before either.

The idea is that one suggests the necessary to them, so they will eat properly at the same time your seeming to give them choices.
They have the right to refuse healthy choices.

We began this with trial and error on the thursday following the training for the CNA's. There was very little training for the food service workers. It was truly an effort with trial and error.
We as food service workers take care of setting the tables and filling the room trays for those who elected to stay in the room area.
Plus for the special requests we may have to call down to the dining room for more food and special items.

Before supper started at five to five and under best conditions we were done dishing up trays by quarter to six. That was two floors. We served each patient on trays out of bussed up large food carts. About seven of these and one special care hot food cart. Three people behind a trayline and one cook who served and one other person who took everything up in the food carts. The third person on the end of the tray line was another cook that evening and had other chores.

Now with restaurant style dining, the residents wait for one of the tables and dine with others, by choice or no choice. The time lasts from five until seven. Each floor. [Some have learned they will have to wait longer to get the tray, if they have very unexpected special requests]

Some residents eat and stay longer than others. Some prefer this style treatment.

And others prefer to remain in their wing before the tv.

We were told that the resident's deviation from the basic choice menu, will last about three weeks, and then they will settle into the menu.

A lot just want Hamburger and fries which was not too frequent before.
[That's what I would want. ] And the deviation from fruit is usually ice cream in the evening.
Food service kitchen evening help stay about two hours longer than before just to finish and put the kitchen back to clean order. [Not overtime] It's a mess when they arrive because the morning help may not stay past check out time.

The head person[s] works day and night. Overtime pay.
Two people have left the kitchen payroll already. One did so by having a baby, Her water broke as she was beginning her shift at the serving area.!!...ahh maternity leave. { I might have to try that little scheme}
More on how it works in a bit.