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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DIning and the Serving area - A sneak peak. Sssshhhh


I know it comes off as unfinished and maybe a little blah, but that is what it was -- unfinished.

In the same room as the above dining area we have the serving area on second floor. From there we venture out to the hall to what was once the nurses station. Now it will be a nice place for the residents to sit and snack.

I caught someone testing the table cloths for juice stains and laundry methods. I wonder how it came out. Pun intended. lol.

Okay that's it. That's all you get for our first sneak view of the remodel.

Maybe more later, If I get the chance. [smile].

Gosh! Now, I have this sudden craving for pizza.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. It is good to find another 'root digger' among gardeners. Love the name. I find the combination of gardening, blogging, genealogy and bridge as leaving me with little time for anything else. How about you? Keep digging

  2. You are so right. So much to do all the time. Especially now too, to get those photos before frost. Do you have a genealogy site as well?

    I figured as a root digger I could cover both kinds of roots lol.

    I kind of like to read cottage design/ decorating and blogs as well.

    I haven't had enough time lately to visit many blogs, either, but well fall is coming and that might help, unless I am in the Servier serving!

  3. Hi Jo, Lovely space. I vote for shovel number three below. Very nice colors and eye catching. :-)

  4. THANKS FRANCES, I kind of like the busy look too Maybe though, I still can find a better way to disguise the junk seen in the porch window! lol.

    I do like your post on making those cement balls. I might try it myself. I have been checking thrift sales for some small rubber balls.