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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DIning and the Serving area - A sneak peak. Sssshhhh


I know it comes off as unfinished and maybe a little blah, but that is what it was -- unfinished.

In the same room as the above dining area we have the serving area on second floor. From there we venture out to the hall to what was once the nurses station. Now it will be a nice place for the residents to sit and snack.

I caught someone testing the table cloths for juice stains and laundry methods. I wonder how it came out. Pun intended. lol.

Okay that's it. That's all you get for our first sneak view of the remodel.

Maybe more later, If I get the chance. [smile].

Gosh! Now, I have this sudden craving for pizza.


I managed to take a few photos this summer.

You can see that I have been working on the shovel

with my blog name

A rootdigger.blogspot.

Also I am working on

my shovel with the words. Lets dig.

Should it read Let's dig.

This one is fine for Oldendorf/ Nahrendorf.blogspot.

Now I am debating which photo I should use and what

amount of cropping I still need to do.

Do I need all of the shovel?. Should it be narrower?

Should I black out the background?. Or white it out?

Oh no. I just thought about the two different famiies of blue. The aqua on the shovel and the baby blue background at the arootdigger.blogspot. It may not be the greatest looking difference. Perhaps I need to change it. The best place to do that may be where it came from in my Kodak account. I plan to use it next to brown background on arootdiggertoo.blogspot. It may fit in just fine there. Also it would be fine here at sunnyside.

I could take a few more photos at a different time of day next to the lavender / magenta phlox in bloom. The leaves are not that lovely on the plant, so I am not sure if that is what I need.

What do you think?

Which do you like the best?

a rootdigger