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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rose Chafer season is here. They're back.

Those disgusting creatures of god are back again. I bet your thinking all of gods creatures are good. I suppose so. Maybe reincarnation of a bad person?
Any way, they are not good for birds. The little bugs have something in them that is poison to birds. They will be around for three weeks or so.

The plans of action are:
- trying to control the grubs in your sandy soil where they lay their eggs many times. But know that they can fly in from anywhere.
- cover your roses or peonies, daisies and other flowers with a cloth like cheese cloth.
- pick the bugs off or shake them into dish soap water, gas.
- vacuum them off your plants, if the flower can withstand the suction.

Here is more information at the Jerry Baker site.

I read that the bugs are attracted to fragrant roses, peonies, and some others. If deprived of flower they will sit on any plant with mates immediately and reproduce. I know daisies do not have that scent like the other flowers but they seem to prefer those, as well as raspberries and mo. Primroses.

I know it is enough of a hassle for many Gardner's to give up on roses. You can't escape them. They come back. Seven's dust is good too, I read.

Good luck. Now you know I will be busy in battle for the next few weeks..

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