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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Little Patch / Meyer

Ahhh another Meyer photo to play around with. Tee hee.
Did you see the movie about Hunter Patch Adam. I Loved Patch.
Played by Robert Williams

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Feelings of Motivation for Renewal Along With Spring Has Sprung. It"s Here!

Did you forget your New Years Resolutions? All your good intentions for bettering yourself in the new year? Well it's not too late to still give it a try. Spring has Sprung, It is Here!

To my way of thinking.
After all spring is a time for new, babies, bunnies, lambs, renewal of mankind, new life, green plants returning, and just plain renewal. In my case I am feeling surges for renewal to be a better rootdigger among[ into] my many buried papers and pictures, information. There are the re surges of motivation to dig into hunches, and tip offs. I will makes some changes here and there in blogging hopefully for the better. I want to Be good at being a rootdigger with Genealogy.

And a root digger doesn't stop there with just genealogy. Spring motivation and surges gets my fingers itching to dig, dig into the earth, and dig among the roots of my seedlings.

There is a need for a renewal of my garden spaces. I will be planning and planting other flowers and especially vegetables. Though this year due to the money crunch, I am undergoing, I will be 'making do ' with the flowers with that in mind.

Since, I have vegetables to plant and take care of, I have so much to do outdoors. I need to first clean up, spruce up, and weed, and then plant. I want to have more green vegetables within walking reach. That means the flowers have to move over to make room. It means I have to rethink my plans for my emphasis on a woodland walk.

Or I have to figure out how to have both the woodland walk, garden space and still enable my husband to have his boat space!

And not only clean up, spruce up outdoors, spring motivates needed clean up in the house. There are " things" to be accomplished indoors!

How am I going to get all that done. I don't know. Chores are chores! [Especially with hours cut at work, yet short on enough hired help] Spring always springs my determination for accomplishment.

Okay, I don't always get it all done, and I don't always get my new Years resolutions accomplished either!

Any attempts will benefit my urge to be healthy and take better care of myself physically and still alow myself to be expressing myself. I will form some kind of plan of action and begin.

All I know now is that my motivation along with Spring has sprung.

You know of any leads and suggestions I should follow, just let me know. Kindly comment.

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Do you like this one?

Glimpse of the family!
Oh well, I tried.

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Rootdigger takes a break from Genealogy to take Easter Pictures.

You can see I had a little fun with the camera for the up coming holiday.

The pulpit was a lucky find. My picture is pointing out the obvious mixture of religion and man made traditions or fads. { I have plans for the pulpit.} I don't like the shadow on it.
I am not totally in love with the pictures. But I can't help myself. Cause I just love bunnies.

The one on the left came to us one Easter. I felt so guilty keeping him. But he made himself at home. I have had the babies longer than the mother. [ snicker]

A few years back a friend, Kaye and I shared a love for bunnies and cottage decor. The rabbit on the right came into my home because of that friendship. I couldn't help myself. She moved away and since I miss her, I like to think that is a good reason to keep my bunnies around all the time.

I know, I know, I had to explore the program Kodak offers. This one falls under Fun effects. I kind of like how the cartoon looks.

If I had proceded to do the fun effect of a Darker spotlight, I could say that this is a view of my bunnies in their home. Like a peek through the opening of a hole. We'll see what happens eventually.
See Easter is over and Mom and pop bunny are relaxing a little after a previously busy day.
I don't know, which do you like better. I wonder what I could do more to make it seem like a view through a rabbit hole. Streak in a little grass. Put in a little lamp with a glow. That could hard for an amateur like myself.

Possible Rabbit Hole Home?
I would show you my It's spring photos, but it snowed and suddenly I feel like it's not spring yet. So No show for those.

Feel free to Comment if you have any ideas or suggestions for my Easter photos.
Thanks for stopping in.
Have a nice Easter.