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Monday, October 27, 2008

I have my neighbors tree to share with you today.


Fall is most definately here to stay. Only the weather, not the view. The leaves are gone from the tree now. We have had some wind for the last few days. It is most definately colder and windier. I guess it usually is for the upcoming Halloween. I am anticipating snow. That means I have to bring in my little decorations and plants from outside.
I am getting ready for halloween a bit inside. I am not doing much outside this year. I didn't see any of father - in- laws pumpkins in his truck this year. so I more or less didn't bother. I may attempt to string some solar lights about on the railing this weekend. I will try that for the first time this year. I'll let you know how thay work out. The daughters birthday is coming up, also. I might have a few things to do.
justme jo


  1. Whoa - what a beautiful display of fall color! Here in CA we don't get much of that, but for the past few years the oaks in our backyard have turned a lovely shade of red. Not so far this year, unfortunately. The leaves are just sort of turning brown and falling off. We even had a blast of summer weather last week, with temps hitting in the low 80s! Not so this week, so we're holding out hope for some late fall color.

    Happy fall and happy Halloween to you!

  2. elizabeth,
    Our tempatures dipped low this week. what do the california redwood trees do? I have wondered about that.
    The other day I had a idea of trying to root acorns. Before a huge amounts of snow comes, I should hop over to the place I saw them and gather some acorns. If it grew it would be great to enjoy if it turns the red color. [yup we have had snow on the ground already.

    I kind-of enjoy the big old trees!. I always have. They have so much character!