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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I have to take a "time out"

I have been a bad person. I some how contracted malware. Or Something else that corrupted my Windows Internet Explorer. I have to fix this before I can resume pictures and documents. [Which I hope we can save] My little laptop is useless at the moment.
I will be active on another computer in another location, but not as much as I had hoped. The problem will be solved soon with my children helping me as much as they have time for.
just jo

Monday, October 27, 2008

I have my neighbors tree to share with you today.


Fall is most definately here to stay. Only the weather, not the view. The leaves are gone from the tree now. We have had some wind for the last few days. It is most definately colder and windier. I guess it usually is for the upcoming Halloween. I am anticipating snow. That means I have to bring in my little decorations and plants from outside.
I am getting ready for halloween a bit inside. I am not doing much outside this year. I didn't see any of father - in- laws pumpkins in his truck this year. so I more or less didn't bother. I may attempt to string some solar lights about on the railing this weekend. I will try that for the first time this year. I'll let you know how thay work out. The daughters birthday is coming up, also. I might have a few things to do.
justme jo

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chugiak Post: Churdan Quasquicentennial

Chugiak Post: Churdan Quasquicentennial

See the recorded parade of Quasquicentnial Day. I proudly secure this link for that and other reasons.

Barn Quilt Memories: Farnhamville, Iowa

Barn Quilt Memories: Farnhamville, Iowa

An interesting thing these days are the recording of quilt patterns. By recording I mean, a meaningful quilt pattern is painted and mounted to the barn. It means more than it seems. It is art. I plan to view my link on Barn quilts often.

Thinking of quilting brings me thoughts of my mother. My mother needed a creative release that she found with quilting.

I think every woman has some kind of creative outlet that releases tension and drugery of our roles in life. I think my mother had a simple kind of scrapbooking outlet as young woman in northern Minnesota. Nothing at all like it is done today. She took on a different hobby after marriage. She started sewing more than she did as a girl among four sisters. As a young married woman, she took pride in her altered clothing for her youngsters. Later as a married woman, she progressed from sewing for her children to quilting. It was a winter pastime for her and her husband. He helped to cut the pieces for her. The reward was great.

Normally, as a youngster, I did not understand the outlet of her energy. Now married and mature, I do. Entirely. I am not a quilter myself, but love all she did. I did get a few quilts from her for myself. It helps to get married!

And the art release along with her understanding of design flowed into her garden. Once she tried to explain to me the art of lights and darks, and it fell on uncaring ears at that time. I also acquired a few plants from her garden. In my memory is her garden. There were some special ones that I clearly remember. Now as a gardner, I appreciate the dark and light placement of my plants in my designs. The garden where she explained the light and dark placements became my favorite. I tried to recreate those myself. There is plain and the texture aspect, as well. Small flower or big flower placement.

I didn't do so well with quilting. I might some day? My crooked squares didn't develope the proper passion for the art. I understand the passion of a project. Besides gardening projects passions. So now I think, I understand hers.

I think her Crazy quilt was one of my mothers big passions and goals in her quilting plans. She saved pieces. She triumphed, when she acquired a satin or silk piece of material. She put her own touches on them with her stitches. She gave the others away, but these she kept. Someday I will photograph those she made.

Crazy Quilts in America
Then and Now

Now, you can see why I have attached myself to this blog of Quilting. It brings me sentimental thoughts. I for one will enjoy checking into a quilters muse time and time again. Click the square for the pleasure of quilting muse.

Links to Links

Well creating a link worked the last time, so I think I will try it again. I like that line, Creative Gene: What defined me.

Creative Gene: What Defined Me

I found this one as well. It shows a good deal of photographs and discusses the pros and cons of the old photographs. I think she would have to be a good scrapbooker.
~ Shades Of The Departed ~

Little Bytes of Life: Who Needs Ruby Slippers When You've Got Strawberries?

I have not linked to anyone before and so this is more or less a trial and error with linking. I kind of tripped into this blog and I liked it. So here goes. Little Bytes of Life: Who needs Ruby Slippers.........

Little Bytes of Life: Who Needs Ruby Slippers When You've Got Strawberries?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Want to Cool Off With The Family?

The Husband and I are empty nesters on and off at our cottage at Sunnyside for a few years now. No grandchildren. At the moment none of our children are in school. So you can get an idea of who is blogging and what surrounds her life, I thought I should show a few photos of our little present day family. [ You have seen my ancestors ] The photos I am going to share are those taken at the marina area at the zoo in Minnesota where the daughter interned a few years ago. Some of you have seen them before. But not enhanced. Since it is so hot these days, I thought it would be a good idea to post us that way.

The members of Sunnyside.
This is the public show area. The Final show of her internship.

This photo is a bit blurry, but I would like to show that Hubby got his welcome too.

Here he is again [I cropped the others out]. I hope he doesn't get fired standing around. tee hhee.

A special welcome for my son.

She did this for her brother.

Yes this is just me getting a little welcome.

I had a new camera and it was the first time it had been used.

Not bad really for it being taken so very far away.

All in all bad photos or not, I think I am done for the day. All that water seems to have cooled me off a bit. I think some ice tea might be nice.
just me jo

Friday, August 8, 2008

I Will Make My Dig Into Genealogy, But First I Must

Show You This Butternut tree.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?.
So now I will show you another picture of the same butternut tree.

So what are the pictures saying without words. In my family tree some follow the old saying the nut doesn't fall far from the tree. And I showed you the others.

I think I might be the other. Though I am a nut case. You will see with my nutty humor. I am sure you believe me now.

Enough said.

So I guess, now, it's time to take up the shovel and get to work.