Friday, June 7, 2013

Nik in the middle - One of Those Days

Those were the days when the house was full of the sound of children. See below for one of those days.
We have the piano players Jennifer Gates, Nik, and Adam Fruit.
 Nik is wearing fake glasses.

My boy Nick

My son and daughter in law have requested some of his baby and childhood pics. I couldn't seem to get them uploaded onto facebook,  so I shall make a try here.

He is happy here.

It is a "save" under Nick's Birthday.He is standing in Colfax by the sign which gives the latitude location there.

Happy not sad in a Black and white Photo.

 Nick and Kelly [ Notice the pillows on the floor for their safety.
Sharon and  my parents Sylvia and Dwight Meyer with Steve Meyer 's boy  Justin.